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SCP-5139 during its active phase

Item #: SCP-5139

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The trajectory of SCP-5139 is to be calculated and reported to the Head Researcher of Site-77, 60 days before an occurrence of SCP-5139. The local media outlets are to be contacted, with the following performance of a cover operation, stating an EF51-class tornado at the same coordinates as SCP-5139. A state of emergency is to be declared.

Following Incident-5139-1-A, the Special Containment Procedures were updated: multiple power units have been implemented to ensure the correct functionality of the Thanatos Servers2: the position of each should only be disclosed to staff with clearance level 4 or higher. Upon entrance of unauthorized military forces in SCP-5139, MTF operatives should be informed and ordered to engage with lethal force against potential enemies.

MTF Kilo-19, designated “Cat Eyes” MTF Mu-13 should be sent to the engaged position, once equipped with the Thanatos Headgear3, with the major aim of terminating instances of SCP-5139-1. To establish safety, civilians involved should be sedated and later on injected with class B amnestic. Once the assigned task force has reached the extraction point, they are ordered the use of explosive devices to simulate a previous passage of an EF5 tornado: all deaths, not interesting Foundation staff, are to be ignored.

Description: SCP-5139 is a weather phenomenon with a 6km radius of effect, that occurs every 33 years between 3:00 am to 3:00 pm, on ██/██: SCP-5139's position depends on the movements of major air currents; however, due to the aforementioned property the location of the object can be established before its activation. No known means of detection exist at this time to perceive SCP-5139 while inactive; further research about these mechanisms is ongoing.

On ██/██, SCP-5139 will be perceptible in the form of fog: highly limited visibility was observed in the affected area; the view is evaluated lower than 30 m. The main anomalous effect of the object is the manifestation of a humanoid entity (designated SCP-5139-1), which appears when a sapient individual enters SCP-5139 without suitable protection. The SCP-5139-1 instances take the form of deceased relatives of humanoids subjects: SCP-5139-1 maintains the organs and the skeletal structure of an average human, with the exception of not being able to interact directly with organic substances, including other living creatures.4

During SCP-5139's dormant phase, previously formed SCP-5139-1 instances are reported to still exist, making the object more difficult to contain and increasing the probability of leaks; consequently, they've been designated Species of Interest-7383. If left to continue, the activity of SCP-5139 could potentially result in an SK-Class shift of dominance scenario. Relying on the gathered intelligence, the O5 Council voted unanimously to extinguish SoI-7383, due to the insufficient time-lapse available by the Foundation to execute the Special Containment Procedures correctly.

Tests conducted on-site of the previous event, revealed that SCP-5139 establishes contact with the subjects' mind on the purpose of manifesting SCP-5139-1. Following this discovery, the Thanatos Headgear was developed to obstruct the above-mentioned telepathic effect.

Addendum 5139.1 - Thanatos Headgear: The Thanatos Headgear is an electronic device designed by the SCP Foundation, used to protect the operatives assigned to SCP-5139. The samples were implemented with data and devices act to benefit its occupants during the mission, such as Thermal Vision Goggles, detectors of movement, a list of local disappeared civilians, video feedback, and others. The access is to be permitted only to Personnel with Clearance level 4 or higher unless given prior authorization by Dr. D. Connor.

The Thanatos-Servers (Site-77) are used to store data regarding SCP-5139, with the major task of maintaining the functionality of the headgears during missions. At the current time, the position of their generators is top secret.

Addendum 5139.2 - Incident 5139-1-A: On ██/██/201█, MTF Kilo-19 "Cat Eyes" was mobilized by Site-77's headquarters as per protocol. The video feedback of the headgears and the security cameras were turned off. From the witnesses gathered, the investigation team has determined that coordinated attacks were conducted simultaneously either to MTF Kilo-19 (under an assault launched by unknowns) either to Site-77 (Security Breach caused by Dr. Rossi in Sector-43); the incident resulted in 69 casualties. The Special Containment Procedures were updated with the intent of preventing the events described in the following documentation.

Addendum 5139.3 - The Suspect: Dr. Rossi’s corpse was found in generator Cell-85 (Thanatos Servers Power Supply); the suspect had committed suicide, despite the wounds caused by firearms at the torso and left arm, which, upon autopsy, were demonstrated to be too severe for Dr. Rossi to hang himself, implicating that the suspect had to sustain a significative amount of pain in the process. A hostile, unknown being was introduced in Sector-43 by the suspect using an unregistered briefcase. This event resulted in 59 casualties between staff members, which stopped once the entity was terminated by security personnel. The power supply of the Thanatos Servers and the HQ's one were found deactivated once the security was re-established.

Dr. Rossi's office was found in a heavily damaged state. A mix of tears and vomit was discovered on the room floor. Inspecting the office of Dr. Rossi, the investigation team found 37 messages within the email box of the suspect (designated Evidence 5139-01) sent by/addressed to an external profile that has not been tracked or identified yet; the attachments to the emails were deleted before being recovered. Additionally, note (designated Evidence 5139-02) was recovered from the suspect's desk.

While the securing of the SCP-5139's position, the rescue team found a handwritten document (designated Evidence 5139-03), dating back, according to the results of the carbon 14 test, to the empire of Tiberius, more precisely, between 29 AD and 34 AD. Evidence 5139-03 is written in Latin and upon analysis, multiple fingerprints of 3 different subjects were found, each not corresponding with the ones belonging to the MTF operatives. Despite the supposed age of the evidence, it was stated the presence of a footnote written in modern English.

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