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Item No: SCP-5139

Containment Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5139 is to be kept under the ownership of Foundation shell company Shropshire County Properties. All unauthorised persons entering SCP-5139 are to be detained, questioned and treated with Class-B amnestics before being returned to their place of origin. SCP-5139-1 through -5 are to be stored in standard storage lockers at Site-26. Helenne Richardson is to be located and questioned concerning her connection with SCP-5139. The remaining members of the Richardson family are to be monitored in case of further anomalous activity.

Description: SCP-5139 is a two-storey terraced house in Church Stretton, Shropshire, England. Prior to its discovery, SCP-5139's occupants were the Richardson family which comprised: 45-year-old Thomas Richardson, 43-year-old Helenne Richardson, 17-year-old Mary Richardson, 15-year-old John Richardson and 11-year-old Sarah Richardson. SCP-5139 is non-anomalous except for the presence of SCP-5139-1 through -5 within it.

SCP-5139-1 is an auditory cognitohazardous voicemail left on the phone of Mary Richardson by Helenne Richardson on 2013-02-12. Subjects who have listened to this voicemail claim to remember the contents of SCP-5139-1 perfectly, but refuse to disclose its contents to others. Attempts at transcribing SCP-5139-1, whether through the use of text-to-speech programs or Foundation Artificially Intelligent Conscripts, have resulted in illegible and corrupted transcripts.

SCP-5139-2 through -5 are 4 humanoid corpses discovered in the main living room of SCP-5139. Analysis of SCP-5139-2 through -5 is hampered by advanced semantic dissociation which causes all analysis to result in descriptions of SCP-5139-2 through -5 that, while undeniably correct, are extremely vague. SCP-5139-2 through -5 have not undergone decomposition while in Foundation custody.

Addendum 1: Discovery of SCP-5139

For several months prior to the discovery of SCP-5139, local police had received complaints regarding arguments originating from the Richardson household. This culminated in police being called to the household on 2013-01-25 due to a neighbour claiming that Helenne Richardson and Thomas Richardson were attacking each other. While police did question Thomas Richardson, they refused to charge him with assault due to a lack of admissible physical evidence coupled with Helenne Richardson's refusal to testify against her husband in court.

Following this incident, Helenne Richardson resigned from her position as the Head of Geography at Church Stretton secondary school on 2012-02-10. No information regarding her reasoning for this has been found, however, fellow members of staff claimed she had been acting abnormally reclusive in the days leading up to her resignation.

Thomas Richardson reported Helenne Richardson as a missing person to local police on 2013-02-12. Following a brief inspection of SCP-5139 and interviews with the Richardson family, police focused their attention on locating Helenne Richardson. SCP-5139-2 through -5 were discovered by Mary Richardson on 2013-02-17 upon returning home from school. Police were called and quickly reported their presence to the British Occult Service. After their analysis found that SCP-5139 did not pose a threat to the United Kingdom, control of the anomaly was passed to the Foundation under the Coronation Accords.

Addendum 2: Analysis of SCP-5139

SCP-5139 Analysis

SCP-5139-2 Lazy, Useless, Wasteful
SCP-5139-3 Cold, Slow, Uncommunicative,
SCP-5139-4 Emotional, Unstable, Weak
SCP-5139-5 Angry, Argumentative, Insulting

Addendum 3: SCP-5139-1 Transcript

During testing with SCP-5139-1, it was discovered that subjects were more willing to disclose information about SCP-5139-1 with their interviewer if a strong interpersonal relationship existed between the two. It was hypothesised that subjects would be most likely to disclose the contents of SCP-5139-1 if they had close familial ties with their interviewer. To test this, Junior Researcher Michael Harlow was exposed to SCP-5139-1 and subsequently interviewed by their sister, Junior Researcher Sasha Harlow. The following transcript was obtained and verified to be accurate through the questioning of other subjects who had been exposed to SCP-5139-1.

SCP-5139-1 Transcript

Mary, I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore. I've done so much hard work to make sure you were all happy and it's never enough, is it? You just take and take and I can't give you anything else.

I didn't want to leave you. I try to hold myself together but how can I when you just stand there shouting at me? I'm a shit mother, I shout too much, I hit too hard. I stopped, didn't I? It's been ages since I last did that. I try so hard to not do it, but sometimes you just make me so angry. But it doesn't matter how hard I try, you'll all just complain and say I'm a failure.

Why did you do this to me? If you think I'm so bad, then goodbye. Stay with your father for all I care. You'd all be nothing without me.

Addendum 4: Location of SCP-5139-6

On 2013-07-16, a car registered as belonging to Helenne Richardson was found by Constable Benjamin Harris, having collided with a road sign near Grasmere, Cumbria, England. The car contained a humanoid corpse, later designated SCP-5139-6, which suffered from similar semantic dissociation to SCP-5139-2 through -5. The Foundation informed the British Occult Service of possible links to SCP-5139 and the corpse was transferred to Foundation custody for analysis.

SCP-5139-6 Analysis


Special Containment Procedures for SCP-5139 will be updated to account for the existence of SCP-5139-6.

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