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Item#: 5137
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-5137 is kept in a separate containment chamber. Living personnel are not to come in contact with SCP-5137 outside of testing. Those that come within close proximity to SCP-5137 are required to adopt a friendly disposition towards the instance.

Description: SCP-5137 denotes a number of thaumaturgically animated constructs made out of an intact human epidermis. SCP-5137 instances resemble previously living humans, and consist of the epidermis, hair, and nails of the individual. Their overall body shape remains humanoid in form, regardless of their lack of muscles, bones, and other support structures. Despite lacking the required anatomy, SCP-5137 are capable of locomotion, vocalization, sight and hearing. They possess a rudimentary sentience and a limited vocabulary, most of which revolves around the concept of friendship.

When in close proximity to a living human, SCP-5137 will split down the middle and attempt to envelop the individual. If unobstructed, SCP-5137 will morph in size and coloration until it is indistinguishable from the subject's actual skin. SCP-5137 refer to this behavior as 'hugging'.

However, if the subject shows aversion to SCP-5137, it will detach the subject's epidermis through unknown means. Brain activity will immediately cease, and the detached epidermis will become a new instance of SCP-5137.

As of writing, the Foundation is in possession of 27 instances of SCP-5137.

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