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Item #: SCP-5136

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5136 is contained at Site-93 in a humanoid containment unit outfitted with radioactive shielding and detection equipment. Personnel interacting physically with SCP-5136 must be outfitted with radiation protective gear at all times and must be trained in de-escalation and relaxation techniques1.

Addendum 02/15/2021. Project Inanna is indefinitely suspended. SCP-5136's outdoor excursions are prohibited until further notice.

Description: SCP-5136 is the designation given to Benjamin Speers, formerly of Lincoln, Nebraska. SCP-5136 constantly emits low-intensity ionizing radiation: a 1-minute exposure to SCP-5136 delivers, on average, a 1.2 μSv dose2. However, in situations of extreme stress – especially when SCP-5136 feels its life is threatened – this emission intensifies exponentially to fatal levels, with no known upper limit.

SCP-5136 is generally compliant & nonviolent. Despite its plainly stated dissatisfaction with containment, SCP-5136 has never intentionally used its radioactive emissions to harm personnel or facilitate its own escape. Experimentation to determine SCP-5136’s degree of control over this radiation is indefinitely suspended.

Project Inanna:

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