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Item #: SCP-5132

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Negaseattle is to remain hidden from public knowledge. Retiring Foundation personnel with relevant experience1 are strongly encouraged to take up residence in Negaseattle following their retirement in order to assist the initiative. Individuals 5132-1 through 5132-50 are to be kept within the bounds of Negaseattle and approved Foundation properties and locations.2 Further details regarding the treatment of Individuals 5132-1-50 can be found in the Initiative Comprehensive Guide written by Dr. Clark.

Description: SCP-5132 refers to the operation being conducted in the Foundation retirement town of Negaseattle, Washington. SCP-5132 is designed to combat the observed drop in personnel over the course of the late 20th and early 21st century. Due to the Foundation’s increasingly concerning turnover rates, measures were approved by the O5 Council to ensure the retention of the current leadership as of 1981. Fifty individuals, ranging from Mobile Task Force commanders to Site Directors to leaders of specific projects, were chosen for the initial trial run. These individuals were tested for prominent genetic defects and pervasive medical history before submitting a DNA sample to create a genetic clone. To date, three viable clones of each individual (and thus four generations of the selected individuals) have been produced using SCP-████, each employing different methods of ensuring the best outcome for the Foundation’s needs.

Overview: Rose Hatcher, Individual 5132-323

Current Status: Deceased 1992, lung cancer.

Desirable Traits: Practical creativity, fast reflexes, emotional control.

Undesirable Traits: Contrarian nature, frequent lack of respect for authority, disorganization, addictive tendencies, genetic history of endometrial cancer.

Notes: Doctorates in physics and engineering.

Interview Date: 3/12/1981

Interviewed: Dr. Rose Hatcher

Interviewer: Dr. John Cataldo

<Begin Log>

Dr. Cataldo: Again, we’d like to thank you for participating in this project.

Dr. Hatcher: Thank you for including me. I’m optimistic about the results.

Dr. Cataldo: Shall we get started?

Dr. Hatcher: Ask away.

Dr. Cataldo: Firstly, what are your initial concerns about your role in this initiative?

Dr. Hatcher: That my clone’ll screw up my filing system.

Dr. Cataldo: …do you have a filing system?

Dr. Hatcher: I do. It’s designed specifically so nobody knows how it works except me.

[Dr. Cataldo laughs]

Dr. Cataldo: Alright. What would you say is your favorite childhood memory?

Dr. Hatcher: My dad took me to LegoLand and let me pick whatever I wanted. I ran from bin to bin shoveling handfuls of them into my bucket with my bare hands. It was euphoric.

Dr. Cataldo: Sounds wonderful. What is your deepest intangible fear?

Dr. Hatcher: Being ignored when I have something important to say.

Dr. Cataldo: Mm. And if you had to rate your loyalty to the Foundation on a scale of one to five, where do you think you would fall?

Dr. Hatcher: Three.

Dr. Cataldo: Three?

Dr. Hatcher: It’s a job. I’m not exactly the type to fall head-over-heels for the ideals here. And I don’t agree with a LOT of the practices. I do what I need to do, but there are a lot of things I’m MORE loyal to than my place of business.

Dr. Cataldo: Such as?

Dr. Hatcher: My family.

Dr. Cataldo: Of course. Thank you, Dr. Hatcher. We’ll be in touch soon about our next step.

Dr. Hatcher: My pleasure.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Surface investigation into Dr. Hatcher’s affairs has revealed no conflicting loyalties to any known Group of Interest. Dr. Hatcher is not deemed an intelligence concern at this time.

Attached Documents

Death Certificate - Rose Hatcher
Foundation Resume - Rose Hatcher
Physical Report - Rose Hatcher

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