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Item #: SCP-5127

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5127 is to be kept in a locked box in Site-19, under Dr. Newman's possession and should only be removed for testing by personnel Level 3 or higher. SCP-5127 is to be kept in a Standard Containment Locker, which should remain inside a locked room of Site-19. Entrance of SCP-5127's room is only allowed to authorized personnel for periodic supervisions, and these should happen no more than twice a month. Moreover, personnel should go through a psychological evaluation each time before entering and upon leaving SCP-5127's room.

Description: SCP-5127 is a straw hat, adorned with red ornamentation. The object resembles a specific style of hat that is normally used during the traditional brazilian party known as "Festa Junina" (June Festivals). SCP-5127, when worn by a human, will often cause time to dilate around the subject, making it "flow" in a slower pace to the wearer in comparison to everything else in the universe. From the perspective of any person witnessing, SCP-5127's wearers will appear to vanish. It is theorized that this effect occurs due to the different "temporal dimensions" created between the subjects involved.

The extent of the alterations in the flow of time caused by SCP-5127's anomalous properties appear to always vary with each "use" of it. In addition, SCP-5127's wearers appear to be unable to remove the object from themselves for approximately two minutes after putting it on their heads. The cause of this effect is still unknown. (See SCP-5127's Test Log for details). From the perspective of SCP-5127's wearers, the aforementioned 2 minutes are extended to unknown amounts, depending on how much their flow of time was altered. While SCP-5127 isn't being worn, it doesn't appear to cause any anomalous effects in individuals.

A new anomalous property of SCP-5127 was discovered during the last test done with it, the object also presented a species of mind-affecting effect, although it appears to occur in a less frequent proportion than its time related anomaly. (See Incident Log 5127-015 for more details.)

Discovery: The object was acquired by the Foundation on 08/10/2017, five days after field agents were sent to investigate some unusual murder cases in the city of Poços de Caldas, Brazil. (Rumors of people getting attacked and stabbed randomly by an "invisible entity" were starting to spread around the city, which caught Foundation's attention.)

The object was found in possession of a local citizen (later identified as Gabriel Silveira, a 20 years old student), who was also captured after being witnessed by an undercover agent carrying a blood tainted knife and the object. The agent stated that it witnessed the subject "manifesting itself" near a well-known tourist spot from the city. The corpse of Pedro Lopes Souza, an unemployed 23 years old local, was also located near the place 11 minutes later.

Gabriel Silveira did not show any resistance against Foundation agents while being captured and has even provided important informations about the object. Subject admitted the murder of 8 civilians within the period of 1 month prior to his capture and claims to be able to control SCP-5127's anomalous properties. The veracity of the last claim remains uncertain.

Addendum 1: SCP-5127 was re-classified from Safe to Euclid on 08/10/2019. Its Special Containment Procedures were also updated.

Addendum 2: The realization of experiments involving SCP-5127 was prohibited by the Site Director since 11/24/2019. According to it, this decision was taken due to the extremely high risk of a Class-D personnel escaping during the experiment. In such case, the Foundation wouldn't be able to prevent it in time, due to the effects of SCP-5127.

Addendum 3: Due to the progressive increase of SCP-5127's anomalous properties since its containment, Dr. Newman sent on 11/07/2020 a request to the Site Director requiring permission for Gabriel Silveira to participate in tests and possibly other uses of the object as a way to help Foundation personnel on their duties.

Moreover, Newman believes that this could possibly lessen the danger represented by SCP-5127, considering that what Gabriel Silveira stated during its interview was factual. The request got denied, since it was deemed as "too risky" by the Site Director. However, considering the effects of SCP-5127 over agent Edward Shawn in the past, more tests using Class-D personnel in order to confirm its capacity to affect, alter, remove and perhaps even insert false memories into humans is being considered.

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