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by J Dune


A recreation of playdomous.jpg

Item #: SCP-5124

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler Beta-17 ("Mousetrap") is to monitor the internet for images fitting the profile of SCP-5124. Upon detection, the image is to be removed and blocked from public access. When transferred to a secure network, .AIC-5124 is to neutralize the instance.

Individuals who manually introduce SCP-5124 to an environment are to be identified, interrogated, and amnesticized. Devices found to possess SCP-5124 are to be seized and destroyed by the Foundation.

Description: SCP-5124 is an image file named 'playdomous.jpg' that serves as the nexus for a number of anomalous phenomena. Primarily, SCP-5124 demonstrates infovoric behavior when in the presence of digital data, replacing existing textual information with blank spaces. Visual data, such as images or video, will be replaced with a copy of SCP-5124. The process by which SCP-5124 multiplies itself increases exponentially until all data within its defined locus, designated SCP-5124-1, is replaced or consumed by the anomaly.

SCP-5124-1 refers to the digital space which SCP-5124 occupies. SCP-5124 commonly materializes on websites with extremely low traffic through an unknown process. These spaces become self-sufficient in regards to web-hosting, as attempts to cut services do not result in the website being taken down.

SCP-5124 can be manually introduced to new digital spaces through image sharing — such as uploading the file to a website — but saving or copying SCP-5124 will render the device an instance of SCP-5124-1.

SCP-5124 is capable of being removed from an SCP-5124-1 location through anomalous means, as demonstrated by Foundation webcrawlers.

Addendum.5124.1: Incident Report 5124

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