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The following file is Level 4/5120 Secret
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 5120
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Artistic representation of SCP-5120

Satillite image of Diplomatic Site

The approximate location of SCP-5120

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Malmantile is designated as a diplomatic site to facilitate research into SCP-5120. According to the Treaty of Fidelis Roma, research personnel are welcome to enter SCP-5120, but will not be permitted to leave. All communication by personnel from SCP-5120 is to be sent through secure channels to the diplomatic site. The Treaty of Fidelis Roma is no longer in effect. Attempts are currently being made to reinstate the treaty, in order to resume research of SCP-5120

Description: SCP-5120 is an ancient city named Fidelis Roma. SCP-5120 was founded sometime between 337 and 361 AC, and has remained isolated until its discovery in 2004. It is distinctly Roman in origin but lacks influence from the Abrahamic faiths. SCP-5120 has a small population compared to its size, leading to the majority of houses being unoccupied. A notable land mark of SCP-5120 is the Grand Library, where documents previously thought lost to time can be found.

40% of SCP-5120 is buried underneath the undecomposed corpse of an anomalous organism, 5 km in length, similar to Canis lupus italicus designated SCP-5120-1. SCP-5120-1 produces a perception filter, directing the attention of an observer away from the area, measuring approximately 7 kilometers in diameter from the center of the city. Once an individual is made aware of the perception filter, it loses efficacy and the individual can perceive SCP-5120 normally.

Addendum.5120.1: Discovery of SCP-5120 occurred due to a raid of a church of the Broken God. The only notable recovered objects are 3 separate letters sent between the church and a place known as Fidelis Roma. The following documents have been translated from the original Latin

Addendum.5120.2: The following logs are the recovered research of Dr. Horne. the logs have been cut short due to the Treaty of Fidelis Roma being dismantled.

Addendum.5120.2: Further access to this file is restricted. Only those with level 5 clearance may view this file.

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