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by J Dune


The interior of SCP-5119

Item #: SCP-5119

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the anomaly, containment of SCP-5119 is presently unfeasible. Law enforcement channels, social media, and internet message boards are to be monitored for individuals recalling SCP-5119 related events. Subjects who have accessed SCP-5119 are to be interviewed and amnesticized upon identification.

Presently, all information within this document has been obtained from accounts of individuals who have accessed SCP-5119. A Foundation-led exploration of SCP-5119 has not yet been conducted.

UPDATE (2020/10/12): Further information regarding SCP-5119 has been obtained following an incursion into the anomaly. See addenda for details. An updated description of SCP-5119 remains pending.

Description: SCP-5119 is "Uncle Charlie's Toys and Games", an extradimensional location accessible only to individuals that possess a number of shared attributes

A manifestation of SCP-5119 may only occur if an individual:

  • Is above the age of 25
  • Perceives their childhood as an overall negative period of their life
  • Has suffered forms of domestic or emotional abuse in their childhood
  • Was forced to develop the maturity typically befitting of an adult during their childhood.
  • Had few extra-familial relationships with other children
  • Was raised by guardians unrelated by blood
  • Experienced or witnessed the death of a family member as a child
  • Experiences difficulty in recalling childhood memories.

The means by which SCP-5119 makes itself known are personalized to its target; however, a general pattern between all accounts of SCP-5119 manifestation has been established. The subject targeted by SCP-5119 will be made aware of the anomaly through a variety of modalities, including television commercials, web-based advertisements, newspaper ads, and appearances in dreams. These advertisements will increase in frequency in an attempt to coerce the subject into traveling to SCP-5119. These materials are memetically self-obscuring, appearing as ordinary advertisements for unrelated businesses when viewed by those other than the targeted individual.


A recreation of a SCP-5119 advertisement, illustrated by Researcher Rowan Raster

SCP-5119 advertisements often feature the store's mascot — 'Uncle Charlie' — which has been designated as SCP-5119-A. SCP-5119-A is a rotund, horned humanoid with hairless, red skin, dressed in a black-and-white striped suit and top hat. Illustrations on advertisements for SCP-5119 portray SCP-5119-A as a jovial character, playing with toys or outstretching its hand towards the reader in an invitational manner.

SCP-5119 will manifest in a location nearby the residence of the subject and will provide precise directions towards the manifestation on all of its advertisements. These directions are nonsensical, but, if followed correctly, will allow anyone matching the selection criteria to access SCP-5119. The exterior of the anomaly resembles a conventional storefront and is only accessible to individuals fitting its criteria. Attempts to access the location while others were present have resulted in the anomaly failing to manifest.

The interior of SCP-5119 is far larger than its exterior; however, accurate measurements have thus far not been recorded due to limited exploration possibilities.

SCP-5119's interior resembles a dilapidated toy store that has experienced heavy fire-damage. Products found inside of the anomaly are entirely unique to SCP-5119 and appear to be mass-produced; they all bear the names of unidentified companies, pieces of media, and intellectual properties. However, apart from their physical existence and source, products recovered from SCP-5119 have not demonstrated any anomalous effects and can be compared to ordinary toys in function and design.

While inside SCP-5119, individuals will demonstrate ecstatic and childish behavior, such as playing with products for extended periods of time or singing juvenile songs to themselves. Following time spent in SCP-5119, the targeted individual will be subject to a form of retrograde amnesia, where the majority of memories from before the individual's 18th birthday become completely lost. The exact process by which this occurs is unknown. All subjects have recalled feeling drawn towards a large wooden door within the anomaly before waking up hours later in the same location outside of the store, where SCP-5119 will have disappeared. Subjects will be unable to recall events that occurred following seeing the door. There have been no recorded instances of an individual accessing SCP-5119 twice.

Addendum.5119.1: Exploration Log

On 2020/10/08, Lee Boletto — resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania — reported to law enforcement that she felt unsafe because of the frequent amount of SCP-5119-related advertisements she was beginning to see. Through necessary channels, Foundation personnel were notified and dispatched to Boletto's location. As this would be the first opportunity for the Foundation to directly research SCP-5119, Lee Boletto was promptly conscripted into the Foundation's internal command structure as a D-Class personnel, under the designation D-680.

Addendum.5119.2: Interview Log

Immediately following exploration, subject was returned to Area-179 and promptly interviewed.

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