Chairman Meow and the Woof Tang Clan

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by Doctor Cimmerian


SCP-5113-1 and SCP-5113-2 following incident 5113-13.

Item #: SCP-5113

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5113-1 is to be kept in a mid-sized sentient-entity containment cell in section E of floor 27 at Site-88. SCP-5113-1 is to be allotted a minimum of 2 hours of supervised outdoor exercise per day.

The SCP-5113 project lead has the authority to deviate from this scheduling in case of unexpected events. Any such deviations must be reported to the Ethics Committee. Furthermore, the SCP-5113 project lead has the authority to requisition any entertainment necessary to ensure SCP-5113-1's mental stability is maintained.

A GPS tracking chip has been installed into SCP-5113-1 due to several escape attempts. SCP-5113-1's future escape attempts are to be tracked and catalogued.

Description: SCP-5113-1 is an orange domestic house cat (Felis catus) capable of vocal communications. SCP-5113-1 possesses a personality and intelligence similar to that of an adult human. SCP-5113-1 claims to possess an ability to communicate with other members of the Felis catus species. However, testing has shown that SCP-5113-1 is no more capable of this than a baseline human.

SCP-5113-1's vocalizations originate spontaneously from a location directly above its larynx. SCP-5113-1 is additionally capable of utilizing its larynx to generate sounds which one would normally expect from an animal of its size and species.

SCP-5113-1 possesses several other non-standard anatomical traits, though they do not affect its health or normal function. These traits include situs inversus totalis1 and a lack of a spleen, stomach, or gall bladder. MRI and x-ray scans show an absence of material in the location where one would expect a brain, though the surrounding tissue are still physically supported as though it were present.

SCP-5113-2 was a domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) of the Great Dane breed that was in Foundation custody from March 8th, 2012 to January 25th, 2020. Apart from its species and size, SCP-5113-2's anomalous nature and anatomical abnormalities were identical to that of SCP-5113-1. For more information, see previous iterations of this document.

SCP-5113-1 and -2 were obtained via purchase from Marshall, Carter, and Dark2 on March 8th, 2012. The two objects were already familiar with each other at the time of their purchase. After consulting with contacts in Wilson's Wildlife Solutions3, it was determined (as they were both juveniles at the time) that they would be raised and socialized together to help ensure mental stability for both entities.

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