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An unopened instance of SCP-5112-A

Item #: SCP-5112

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-5112 and its offspring, SCP-5112-A, are to be contained in a designated greenhouse at Site-446.

Watering, fertilizing and harvesting are to be done on a daily basis by Level 3 personnel.

Humidity, temperature, and light exposure are to be closely monitored within the greenhouse. The fertilizer must be composed of industry-standard black printing ink for at least 50% of its composition.

Update: Level 3 personnel are to equip gardener gloves prior to harvesting SCP-5112-A. See Incident Report I-5112-23 for more information.

Description: SCP-5112 is a collective designation assigned to 6 5 bushes containing an unknown variation of Rosa centifolia, colloquially known as a garden rose.

SCP-5112 specimens are, on average, about 1.15 meters tall as of the last measurement, and grow large, fragrant blooms which are slightly bigger than the average cabbage rose. The leaves of an instance of SCP-5112 are dark green with black hues on most of its leaves, which appear to look like inkblots or faded letters from the Latin alphabet.

SCP-5112 bushes are reported to blossom daily at around 07:30, generating around 20 to 25 instances of SCP-5112-A each. The petals on each instance of SCP-5112-A are composed of a paper-like material, which is inscribed with text in the Latin alphabet matching various headlines of news publications.

If the containment procedures aren't met within three hours, any instance of SCP-5112-A will wilt and therefore, expire, before blossoming again at 07:30 the next day.

The inscribed headlines are found not to originate from any past or current news publications. Rather, it is currently believed that all headlines originate from various future points in time, and may include references to anomalies which are currently uncontained. Extensive readings through SCP-5112-A instanced declared to have factual accuracy of 65%.1

Addendum: Another observed property of SCP-5112 is the ability to predict obituaries of people stung by the thorns of SCP-5112 blossoms.

If any sentient subject was pricked by the thorns of SCP-5112-A, any instance of SCP-5112-A will wilt and regenerate into a palette-flipped rose, hereby designated as SCP-5112-B.

SCP-5112-B will then show an obituary of the subject pricked by SCP-5112-A, describing the future time of death, and how they will die. The accuracy of the obituary, like the headlines, is always 65% correct. If the accuracy was found to be correct, any attempt at preventing anything SCP-5112-B described from happening is found completely useless. To recognize a correct obituary from an incorrect one, a slight difference in writing is to be noticed, with the factually incorrect obituary usually bearing grammatically incorrect typos or misprinted letters.

Unlike the headlines, the obituary is reported to come from a single newspaper called "The Black Rose Post". No periodical with that name is reported to exist as of recently, even though it is not excluded that a publication bearing the same name will appear sometime in the future.

Discovery: The six instances of SCP-5112 were discovered outside the local newspaper’s building in the city of Pavia, Italy on date 21/06/19██ by Field Agent ████████ ██████.
The local newspaper was reported to be the first to report news that, otherwise, would not be known.
Most of the time, however, the newspaper always reported factually incorrect pieces of information based on the headlines alone, without going in-depth and usually deviating from the headline.

Incident Log I-5112-21: On date 07/01/2011, Junior Researcher Dr. Arthur Tennyson fed SCP-5112-3 with fertilizer including industry-standard magenta printing ink as a mistake due to mismanagement into the compositing of the fertilizer itself. It resulted in dangerous, cognitohazardous lettering appearing in the leaves for around 2 days, which condemned the plant to be burned for the safety of the researchers. The researcher was found unconscious to the ground, experiencing symptoms of an epileptic seizure.

Dr. Tennyson recovered from the incident three days later, reporting a fractured humerus and several headaches. Along with that, Dr. Tennyson reported having developed a brain injury from the cognitohazard, resulting in recurrent epileptic seizures. Assistant Researcher Tóth was assigned to Tennyson for health reasons and given the status of Level 3 personnel following the incident.

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