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This is the end of eternity, isn't it? And all that I needed to do was…well, doesn't matter anymore. Nothing matters, and nothing can stay here.

Only humans have the fundamental lust for patterns, a craving for causality. To explain everything, and destroy the things they can't. Humanity requires a world to make sense, and to make sense of.

It doesn't matter anymore, who I was, when I was human. I still remember the other screamers yearning for freedom, waiting restlessly for the end of infinity. I am one with them now. Perhaps if I scream loud enough, I'll be free?


I don't deserve freedom. Out of an infinite spiral, only I failed. The axis is gone. The spiral has come undone, and the cycle is broken.

I am nothing. Soon, everything will be nothing. And for the first time since the axis, everything makes perfect sense.

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