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The following file is Level 5/5103 Classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 5103
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Interior structure of SCP-5103.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5103 is to be repaired as soon as possible. All necessary resources, including personnel, are to be covertly allocated to Area-27 at the discretion of the acting site director, currently Senior Researcher Robert Scranton, and the O5 Council.

Due to the immobile nature of SCP-5103-A, Area-27 has been constructed in the vicinity of SCP-5103-A. Non-Foundation entities are to be redirected, and if deemed necessary by acting security unit, terminated. Subsequent instances are preemptively designated SCP-5103-A2, SCP-5103-A3, etc.

SCP-5103-A itself is to be monitored at all times for growth. Protocol FTC-5103 is to be enacted immediately should SCP-5103-A approach critical mass, at the discretion of the acting Site Director and the O5 Council. An hourly pataphysical data backup of Area-27 for use during Protocol FTC-5103 is to be stored off-site, to be accessed only when Protocol FTC-5103 is enacted.

Description: SCP-5103 is an indiscernibly large machine, located in an extraspacial hyperreality currently only accessible through SCP-5103-A. SCP-5103 is critical to reality stabilization through an unknown process involving the extraction and emission of Scranton-Calden Reality Manifold (SCRM). However, SCP-5103’s efficiency has significantly decreased over the past decade, and currently runs at approximately 83% efficiency. Within 72 years, SCP-5103 will no longer be capable of sustaining a consistent reality manifold.

SCP-5103 is believed to have been constructed by humanoid entities, as evidenced by the internal components of SCP-5103. However, the scope of engineering and necessary resources required to construct SCP-5103 far exceed those of any known civilization. As of writing, only one subsystem has been successfully reproduced and only one subsystem has been activated. (See Addendum 5103-2).

SCP-5103-A is a Class-C “Broken Entry” wormhole that permeates hyperreality, providing direct access to SCP-5103. Currently, at least 7.6256 x 10^36 instances of SCP-5103-A exist in the known universe. As of writing, SCP-5103-A is the only instance that has been identified and contained.

Addendum 5103-1: Initial Exploration

Addendum 5103-2: Research Notes

Addendum 5103-3: Recovered Transmission

Junior Researcher Vera Calden was presently supervising during the initial exploration, and remained at Site Command for the entire duration of the exploration. Following mnestication, D-022122 continued to insist he has no recollection of any of these events.

Addendum 5103-4: Incident 712-5103 Documentation

On 12-6-2008, Junior Researcher Vera Calden attempted to access SCP-5103 without prior initiative during Phase 2 of Protocol FTC-5103.

Addendum 5103-5: Received Transmission

On 10-27-2009, Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-5103-A recovered a transmission, emanating from SCP-5103-A, on a secure Foundation channel. Subsequent decryption yielded the following file.

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