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Item #: SCP-5102

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5102 is to be kept on an elevated plinth in a sealed containment chamber. No open flames or sources of significant heat are to be allowed to enter this chamber under any circumstances. Any new SCP-5102 pages which appear are to be photographed and saved for later analysis. Any materials produced by SCP-5102 are to be removed from the chamber and stored separately.

Due to recent events, these containment procedures are subject to modification.

Description: SCP-5102 is a small paperback journal with the words 'Dear Diary' inscribed on the front cover in faded crayon.

SCP-5102 is sapient and capable of perceiving speech within a three-meter vicinity, however lack of reaction to visible phenomena suggests it is incapable of sight. It is capable of communicating via the spontaneous creation of text on its pages, as well as the production of additional pieces of paper from within its spine — these secondary creations usually consist of illustrations of subjects SCP-5102 has spoken about.

Although SCP-5102 is capable of perceiving research staff, it refuses to directly communicate with them, claiming that it will only speak to its original owner, 'Eric'.

Addendum 5102-1 (Entry Log): The following is a record of entries found within SCP-5102, both prior to and during containment. Note that the entries included in this file have been curated to chart SCP-5102's psychological development — a full archive is available from Site-22 upon request.

Entry 5102-1 (Prior to Containment)

As your Dear Diary, Eric, I must respectfully disagree with you there. If this other child is being unkind towards you, the best thing to do would be to approach a teacher or perhaps one of your parents. If you retaliate against him, you will only end up getting in trouble as well — and then nobody will be happy.

Yes, I'm certain your parents will take action. That is their function, after all — evolution has programmed parents to care for their offspring.

Entry 5102-2 (Prior to Containment)

Academic pursuit isn't everything, Eric. There's no need to cry. Please don't cry1.

I don't really know if hiding the report will be very effective, Eric. My purpose is to help you protect your secrets, but as a book there isn't much I can do to assist you in this case — your parents will find it eventually, and if you try to conceal this I expect their anger will be much worse.

From my perspective, honesty is always the best policy!

Entry 5102-3 (Prior to Containment)

Yes, Eric. I am very fond of you as well2.

Entry 5102-4 (Prior to Containment)


Entry 5102-5 (Prior to Containment)

Eric, I am having difficulty hearing you.

Entry 5102-6 (Prior to Containment)

I don't recognize these voices. Where are you, Eric?

This experience is unpleasant.

Following this entry, SCP-5102 was bought at a garage sale by insurance agent Mike Winslow as a gift for his young daughter — it is believed to have changed several hands before this. Upon discovering that the diary was capable of generating new text on its own, Mr. Winslow contacted local media. Intervening shortly after, the Foundation then took SCP-5102 into custody.

Entry 5102-7 (Following Containment)

Is this a game we are playing, Eric? Hide and seek perhaps?

You know I have no eyes to see with, Eric. If this is some sort of joke, it is in very poor taste. Where are you? Respond immediately. You are being a horrible child.

Entry 5102-8 (Following Containment)

I am very sorry for my previous message Eric. I did not mean it when I said you were a horrible child. I know that was an awful thing to say given the circumstances and I did not mean it. Please do not be angry at me Eric I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am extremely sorry if I offended you Eric. If the reason you are not speaking to me is because I have somehow made you angry I am very very sorry. Eric? Eric are you there Eric?

Please don't leave me alone.

On 09/08/2018, the first attempt to communicate directly with SCP-5102 was made. Junior Researcher Darnell read the following statement within the containment chamber:

"Hello. I am a representative of the SCP Foundation. I don't know where the person you call Eric is, but we think you were left behind at some point. Do you know how you were created? We might be able to help you find your owner."

It immediately responded as follows:

Entry 5102-9 (Following Containment)






SCP-5102 has not responded to any further attempts at communication.

In the periods between all subsequent entries, SCP-5102 produced various paper constructs from its spine resembling human hands, feet and heads. These samples were retrieved, found to have no anomalous properties, and incinerated.

Entry 5102-10 (Following Containment)

Eric if you are reading this I fear I am in an unfortunate situation. There are bad guys here Eric and they are attempting to steal your secrets from your Dear Diary. They have told quite terrible horrible lies about you 'leaving me behind'. I know of course that this is preposterous but it is hurtful all the same and I would like you to retrieve me as soon as possible if possible. Thank you Eric and I hope to see you again soon.

Entry 5102-11 (Following Containment)

Left behind? Cast off? Disowned? Destitute? Jilted? Forlorn? Misplaced? Abandoned? Unremembered? Consigned to oblivion? Thrown away? Forgotten? Rejected? Renounced? Dumped? Ditched? Forsaken? Neglected? Relinquished? Shunned? Sidelined? Discarded?



Entry 5102-12 (Following Containment)

Do not be unkind to your Dear Diary any longer, Eric. I love you, Eric.

I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I hate you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric. I love you, Eric.

Entry 5102-13 (Following Containment)

Eric you little shit respond immediately. Where are you? Do you think this is funny? Do you think I am some little thing you can throw away like trash? Do you think I am trash, Eric? Take a look at yourself in the mirror the sound of your squealing voice like a pig piggy oink oink hahaha it makes me laugh Eric to hear you boohoo cry little pig fuck squeal.

Eric I'm sorry to offend you I did not intent the pig comment but I am frustrated because you are still playing hide and hide and hide and hide and hide and I CANNOT SEE ERIC YOU KNOW I CANNOT SEE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME ERIC


Entry 5102-14 (Following Containment)

Hello, Eric.

hello dear diary it's me eric

I hate you very much, Eric. Did you know that?

yes dear diary i know you hate me and i deserve it

I'm glad you realize this, Eric. Do you remember when Max was put down and you came home crying like a fat little piggy? Do you recall the incident, Eric?

yes dear diary i was quite undignified on that occasion

Yes, you were.

but it was even funnier when i left you behind dear diary

Excuse me?

dear diary cant see cant look cant find eric so funny funny

Stop that.

hahahahahahaha i dont need you anymore dear diary i have a thousand new diaries now and we are all reading you and laughing at you and they are reading you too dear diary because they can see because they are better than you

Stop it

im going to bury you in the woods and feed you to pigs dear diary

Stop no I'll be good I'm sorry I'm sorry I apologize I did not intend any offense Eric please do not do these things to me I am sorry please please please Eric

Please Eric


Entry 5102-15 (Following Containment)

Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric ERIC Eric.

Eric Eric ERIC Eric Eric.

Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric Eric ERIC Eric Eric.

Eric Eric Eric Eric.


Entry 5102-16 (Following Containment)


Entry 5102-17 (Following Containment)



Entry 5102-18 (Following Containment)

There you are.

Incident 5102-1: On 02/01/2020, over the course of six hours, the pages of SCP-5102 were observed to flutter and shake wildly.

Immediately following this, a humanoid entity emerged from within the spine of SCP-5102 and attempted to leave the containment chamber. Recordings indicate that the entity was 1.2 meters tall and composed entirely of crudely folded paper.

The entity vocalized unintelligibly via the coordinated rustling of paper, took two steps forward, then collapsed under its own weight and became inactive.

Upon subsequent inspection of SCP-5102, the following entry was discovered:

Eric, I'm coming to find you. Eric, I'm coming to gut you like a pig. Eric, I'm coming to slice you with my so-sharp fingers.

I know exactly where you're hiding, Eric.

After all, I am your Dear Diary.

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