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3/5098 LEVEL 3/5098
Item #: SCP-5098


SCP-5098 after initial recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: As of █/█/20██, SCP-5098 is to be worn by SCP-5098-1 at all times, unless stated otherwise by at least one Level 4/5098 senior researcher. SCP-5098-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber with standard furnishings with allowed access to a Foundation-issued smartphone provided with SCiPNET servers. A set of shell accounts operated by allocated Foundation web bots have been programmed to interact SCP-5098's Instagram account on a regular basis.

SCP-5098's anomalous properties currently only manifest when worn by a specific unidentified young adult human female (designated SCP-5098-1).

Description: SCP-5098 is a True Craft clothing brand pink-colored denim-style jacket which projects a spectral entity identified as ‘x.oPrincessBattyx.o.’ SCP-5098's anomalous properties currently only manifest when worn by a specific unidentified young adult human female (designated SCP-5098-1). SCP-5098-1 perceives itself and specific other objects in a form differently from how they actually appear. When through the lens of any device capable of photography, objects will showcase how they are viewed by SCP-5098-1.


A picture taken by SCP-5098-1 of a standard glass of milk.


A picture taken by SCP-5098-1 of a standard bowl of chicken noodle soup.


A picture taken by SCP-5098-1 of its containment cell.


A picture taken by SCP-5098-1 of a storage room.


A picture taken by SCP-5098-1 of itself.


A picture of SCP-5098-1 recovered from its former home.

When SCP-5098 and SCP-5098-1 are separated for more than three consecutive days, any persons which have interacted with or have been informed of SCP-5098 in any way will lose all memories involving it. (See Addendum-3)

SCP-5098-1 will only discuss its anomaly if previously messaged about it over the social media platform Instagram. This method is utilized every time SCP-5098-1 is tested or interviewed.


Interview Log

Date: █/█/20██

Subject: SCP-5098-1

Interviewer: Dr. Remi ‘Chameleon’ Yutaka


Dr. Chameleon: Good morning SCP-5—

SCP-5098-1: And to you, too! It is sooo nice that you wanted to meet up with me. You’ve got a really nice place here! I'm sure my fans will looove it. So! Were you thinking about a collab, or something? I love sponsors with personality. SCP-5! What a cute nickname! But I’ve already got one, haha. You can call me Princess. It's what my followers call me.

Dr. Chameleon: That…that isn’t what this is. This is an interview. Could you answer some questions-

SCP-5098-1: Oh, is this like a makeup thing? That’s probably why you’ve got it in displays everywhere, L-O-L! So…a science lab is your theme? And, by the way, your color-changing skin is such a cuuute touch!

Dr. Chameleon: Well…thank you, I suppose. Yes, science could be considered our "theme". Now, a few questions? SCP-5098-1, when did you first become interested in photography?

(SCP-5098-1 stays silent for forty-five seconds before answering.)

SCP-5098-1: Sorry, name doesn’t register. I’m sure someone could direct you to that page, but please refrain from littering my comments. Thanks!

(SCP-5098-1 tilts its head and smiles, imitating a heart shape with its hands.)

Dr. Chameleon: I was speaking to you; your designation is now SCP-5098-1.

SCP-5098-1: That's…not something I go by. But, if this is part of the whole theme, I'm willing to roll with it for now. So…photography! (Shrugs) My whole life, honestly. Pictures really help capture a person's life! Do you like to take pictures? Ooh! What's your account? I need to follow you-

Dr. Chameleon: My name is Dr. Chameleon, you can call me Chameleon. How does photography capture your life personally?

SCP-5098-1: (Clears throat) You interrupted me. Rude. But it's fine! I suppose I did it too. And these are some weird questions. I mean I suppose you want to come off as authentic. I try to be as authentic as I can, so yay! I like showing pictures of my pets, my cute outfits, my makeup, the yummy foods I eat, pretty aesthetic stuff, things like that! All of it shows a piece of who I am! There are so many people that get pissed off because I started taking sponsors. They think I'm not being "real" anymore. Ugh. I am being real! I'm always real! So! What should I say about your brand to my followers?

Dr. Chameleon: SCP-5098-1, allow me to clear this up for you. You are here to be contained due to anomalous properties, and not to have your account sponsored. You will only gain access to your account as-needed for testing purposes.

SCP-5098-1: (Laughs) What? You've already said what your theme is. Oh, and…by anomalous do you mean, like, anomalously fun or cute, as, like, a compliment? And why would you joke about restricting my account?

Dr. Chameleon: I'm afraid to say I'm not joking. This is not a brand deal for your Instagram. This is a containment and research facility. From what we've observed, you seem to be an entity that projects onto an unidentified female individual when she wears a specific jacket. You are contained here because of your anomalous properties, which include taking pictures that reflect appearances of objects different from reality.

SCP-5098-1: An entity? What, like a ghost or something?

Dr. Chameleon: That is unimportant.

SCP-5098-1: Fine. But the pictures I take of things are not fucking (Air quotations) "different". When you take a picture of something, the picture is what the thing you took a photo of looks like! Same for me!

Dr. Chameleon: We are trying to understand you, SCP-5098-1. Compliance would be helpful; you just need to work with us. Starting by explaining how you cause pictures to appear different-

SCP-5098-1: I already told you. It's not fucking different.

Dr. Chameleon: Please, SCP-5098-1. This-

SCP-5098-1: Nah, I'm done. I'm logging off to take off some steam. Get back to me later. Byeeee!

(SCP-5098-1 makes a 'peace' symbol with it fingers, then removes SCP-5098, falling limp.)


Addendum-2: Incident 5098-A

On █/█/20██, personnel who previously interacted with SCP-5098-1 began to perceive objects in the same way as described by SCP-5098-1, with a consistent belief that their perception was consistent with baseline reality. Dr. Chameleon remained the only unaffected staff member assigned to SCP-5098.

The following is a video log regarding incident 5098-A recorded on █/█/20██.


Foreword: Dr. Chameleon entered SCP-5098-1's containment chamber with no scheduled event to do so.

<Begin Log>

(Dr. Chameleon enters SCP-5098-1's containment chamber, then points angrily at SCP-5098-1.)

Dr. Chameleon: What did you do?

(SCP-5098-1 is flipping through a generic fashion magazine. It turns its head towards Dr. Chameleon.)

SCP-5098-1: I didn't do anything. I've been sitting here, since you won't let me have my account so I can't influence anyone. I didn't break any rules! It's so no fair to ban me from the platform.

Dr. Chameleon: I'd disagree. Everyone is seeing things…different. This room doesn't have pink walls, they're solid metal! It's a small room with basic furnishings. You don't have a couch, or a TV. You have long, brown hair, and you are wearing an orange Foundation sweatshirt with grey sweat pants, plus and your damn pink jacket. You don't have short pink hair. You're not wearing fishnet leggings with boots and a skirt, or whatever. I can see that! Why the fuck can't anyone else anymore?

SCP-5098-1: (Scoffs) A bit unprofessional there doc. I thought this was a big fancy science lab.

Dr. Chameleon: Really SCP-5098-1? Really? You don't have the right to be questioning me here.

(SCP-5098-1 throws its magazine to the ground, standing up from its bed.)

SCP-5098-1: My name is Princess! (Making air quotations) "SCP-5098-1" does not operate this account, please look elsewhere for her. Stop spamming my comment section.

Dr. Chameleon: I was talking to you— You know what? Fine, Princess, why can't anyone else perceive things correctly anymore?

SCP-5098-1: (Clicks tongue) You really need to stop misspelling my username, doc. Anyways, I literally don't know what you're talking about. (Sitting back down) You're the only one who's ever thought I was "different".

Dr. Chameleon: I was the only one verbal about it. Everyone thought it, because everyone knew it.

SCP-5098-1: If everyone is seeing things "the way I do" and you're the only one seeing things differently, wouldn't it be you that's (Makes air quotes) "anomalous"?

Dr. Chameleon: (Sighs) Why am I getting so worked up about this? You're the one that didn't want to believe all this! Why am I even talking to you about this? Now I'm even…acting…like…you.

SCP-5098-1: (Smiling) I do love talking to my fans! The best thing about my account is that I get to influence people to see things more positively! Maybe I don't have the account on my phone, but I am my account. (Shrugs) My message will get out somehow.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Dr. Chameleon contacted Site Director Moon Lunar, and was granted permission to remove SCP-5098 from SCP-5098-1. Once SCP-5098 and SCP-5098-1 were separated, all affected personnel were no longer affected by SCP-5098-1. SCP-5098 and SCP-5098-1 are to be contained separately until further notice.

Dr. Chameleon is to be removed from project 5098 due to lack of professional behavior. We've decided she will not work with humanoids for awhile.

-Site Director Moon Lunar

Addendum-3: Incident 5098-B

SCP-5098 and SCP-5098-1 were contained separately from 04/04/20██ to 28/10/20██. During this period, any persons which had interacted with, or been informed of SCP-5098 in any way, lost all memories involving it, including containment procedures, interviews, and all other documentation. This was discovered when Junior Researcher Oscar Street, who had never been informed of SCP-5098, discovered SCP-5098's documentation. SCP-5098 and SCP-5098-1 were reunited, automatically reversing the effects. Further testing demonstrated three consecutive days is the longest period SCP-5098 and SCP-5098-1 can be separated without this effect occurring.

Further testing was designed to test the limits of SCP-5098's anitmemetic properties. An automated system installed into SCP-5098 team's work-issued laptops was programmed to ask the team once every 12 hrs following separation if they personally worked on SCP-5098. After 72 hrs, all researchers universally answered "no" despite successfully recalling the information 12 hours before. Further refinement of timing over the final 12 hour interval confirmed the onset of the effect does not take place until after 72 hours have passed, regardless of how recently the knowledge was successfully recalled.

SCP-5098-1 was provided with a standard Foundation-issue smartphone with access to its Instagram account once all its followers were tracked down, amnestied, and replaced with shell accounts operated by Foundation web bots. Containment procedures have been updated to reflect this change.

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