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Anomaly №: SCP-5097

Anomaly Class: Uncontained

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: In the event SCP-5097 returns to reality, it is to be severely reprimanded and placed in a humanoid containment cell.

The note SCP-5097 left behind is currently held in an Anomalous Items locker.

Description: SCP-5097 is Senior Researcher Kassidy Kara, a former member of the Unreality Department1. On 4/8/2020, Dr. Kara removed themself from baseline reality and temporally ceased existing.

Discovery Log: SCP-5097 was discovered after Foundation .aic units detected a sudden loss of data associated with Dr. Kara2 at 9:58 PM on 4/9/2020. At the same time, several personnel acquainted with Dr. Kara had noticed their lack of activity around the Site, and could neither access past e-mails with Dr. Kara nor send them new ones.

An investigation was launched, revealing their private quarters contained only a handwritten note on their desk (see Addendum). Whom it was addressed to is unknown.

Automated extranormal detection programs deployed by Site Command were able to recognize several residual olf3 fluctuations that had occurred within Dr. Kara's quarters. From the readings, a timeline of these fluctuations was established, revealing Dr. Kara had separated themself from baseline reality on 4/8/2020, at approximately 4:25 AM.

Dr. Kara was designated as SCP-5097 on 4/10/2020, and its containment procedures were officialized shortly after.

Addendum: The note left by SCP-5097.

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