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by J Dune



Item #: SCP-5093

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing the entrance to SCP-5093 has been purchased by the Foundation and converted to Provisional Site-5093. The storefront has been fitted with a biometrically locked door and affixed with shutters. Access is limited to personnel assigned to the SCP-5093 research team.

UPDATE AS PER THE ETHICS COMMITTEE (06/14/2020): Following the events of Exploration Log 5093-1 through 3, no personnel are to access SCP-5093. The storefront has been sealed off completely.

Description: SCP-5093 is an extradimensional spatial anomaly manifesting in "White Satin Dance", a studio located in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. The interior of SCP-5093 resembles an unfurnished room, not unlike the studio's dance floor. SCP-5093 contains windows with a blue tint, allowing for view of numerous buildings similar in appearance to White Satin Dance visible in the distance. These buildings are accompanied by apertures identical to SCP-5093. White Satin Dance's external surface would not be able to accommodate an attachment of SCP-5093's size.

SCP-5093 is only accessible by exiting the building from its rear entrance. SCP-5093's manifestation is not triggered through a discernible pattern, but testing has shown that the anomaly appears once in every 20 openings of the door. Attempts to access SCP-5093 from the outside of the building have failed.

For precaution, SCP-5093 has not yet been entered or observed beyond what is visible from its manifestation. Testing will commence on 06/12/2020.


Following the events of Exploration Log 5093-1 through 3, all testing involving SCP-5093 has been suspended.

Addendum.5093-1: Testing

Addendum 5093.2: Update (06/14/2020)

Dr. Trenton and Researcher Starse turned in the above file on 06/14/2020. In line with the Ethics Committee's investigation regarding explorations of SCP-5093, containment procedures have been updated. Footage of previous SCP-5093 investigations found on the archive is being curated and researched. A description update is pending until a more complete understanding of SCP-5093's mechanics can be discerned.

Foundation personnel archives hold no record of any D-Class personnel involved in SCP-5093 experimentation.

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