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SCP-5091 in its skeletal form.

Item #: SCP-5091

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5091 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell, with an attached bathroom. A wall of SCP-5091’s containment unit is to be converted into a mirror. All personnel that come into contact with SCP-5091 are to give compliments towards its current appearance and are to remain respectful when interacting with it. SCP-5091 is to be monitored 24 hours a day by Staff with a Level 2 clearance or above. If SCP-5091 is observed peeling its flesh back and emerging from it, a team of D-Class is to be immediately sent into its cell and perform the Causa Mutatio D procedure1.

SCP-5091 is to be contained at Site-10 and given Level 3 access. Staff should monitor SCP-5091 and watch for any anomalous activity including; tearing of its flesh, excessive leakage of blood, or bone protrusions. Once per week SCP-5091 is to undergo testing by a site psychologist to ensure its mental state is sound. In the case that separation of SCP-5091 and its current flesh occurs, previous containment procedures should be reinstated.

Description: SCP-5091 is a sapient human skeleton approximately 1.8 meters tall and weighing 2.5 kg when not encompassed by skin and flesh. It moves in a consistent manner to that of a human muscular system, despite the lack of any muscles or flesh. SCP-5091 speaks a form of old English that seems to be constant with the language used in the early 1800s. Most notable is its anomalous ability to grab hold of any humanoid's flesh and stretch it past its original elasticity, breaking the bonds that normally attach it to the bone. SCP-5091 will peel the flesh from the human until it has entirely removed the flesh from the skeleton.

In all instances recorded of this occurring, both the skeleton and the flesh were completely removed and fully intact. The skeletal remains consist of only bone and cartilage, with no other tissue, organs, or even the nervous system. The rest of the body slumps down into a mass of skin and organs. SCP-5091 will only do this when in its skeletal form. Immediately after it removes the flesh from the skeleton, SCP-5091 will proceed to stretch and pull the mass of flesh over-top of itself like donning a jumper.

Once this process is complete SCP-5091 is visually almost identical to the original human. On close inspection, several unnatural lumps can be seen where organs did not fit correctly, and the skin around the eyes and mouth will be offset slightly. This ability has not been observed occurring since the Consciousness Linkage Experiment2 caused SCP-5091's consciousness to merge with that of its current flesh host Dr. ████.

Addendum 5091.1 - Discovery

Addendum 5091.2 - Update:2019/07/27

Addendum 5091.3 - Update:2020/03/10

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