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An entrance to former Site-61. Several D-Class personnel have confirmed that SCP-5077 is present in the doorway.

Item #: SCP-5077

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: At least two D-Class personnel are to be stationed within SCP-5077-A at all times in order to affirm that SCP-5077 is not present inside it. If at any point this cannot be affirmed, all information related to SCP-5077 is to be deleted, then all individuals with knowledge of SCP-5077 (including D-class personnel) are to be amnesticized and reassigned to other projects.

Description: SCP-5077 is an intangible, cognitohazardous entity believed to be responsible for a number of anomalous events at Site-61 prior to its evacuation on 12/21/2016. SCP-5077 is invisible to all Foundation employees, save for D-Class personnel. Descriptions of its form vary, but most describe it as a hovering loose bundle of multicolored cables and ribbons, approximately half a meter across.

Several times throughout 2016, SCP-5077 appeared in common areas in Site-61. Each time, D-Class personnel failed to report it, and so it went unnoticed. It was only discovered after the mass containment breach of Site-61 prompted a complete review of events and a series of intense interrogations of D-Class personnel.

Prior to the containment breach and subsequent abandonment of Site-61, SCP-5077 caused multiple anomalous events, including the following:

  • Interruption of a D-Class training seminar with an electromagnetic pulse that disabled necessary electronics
  • Corrosion of pipe infrastructure in D-Class housing cells
  • Alteration and destruction of human testing logs for SCP-████
  • Poisoning of multiple testing directors
  • Incitement of a D-Class riot

Due to the high concentration of D-Class personnel at Site-61, the latter incident resulted in a cascading containment breach of mind-affecting anomalies. This prompted a mass evacuation and abandonment of Site-61. Subsequent MTF operations in early 2017 managed to re-contain or neutralize all known anomalies on-site, with the exception of SCP-5077. Most D-Class personnel not previously evacuated were rescued and amnesticized. Those who were hostile or otherwise unrecoverable were terminated.

From 2017 to late 2019, SCP-5077 was spotted at multiple Foundation sites, always in the vicinity of personnel who had previously been assigned to Site-61. While SCP-5077 was present, these personnel experienced negative events such as falls, traffic collisions, accidental poisonings, etc. Though they were rarely fatal, these incidents were hard to prevent due to the difficulty of detecting SCP-5077's presence. SCP-5077 did not manifest near the same individual more than once.

Since late 2019, SCP-5077 has only been observed in D-Class lodgings. Due to stricter counterintelligence guidelines imposed on D-Class after the containment breach at Site-61, these incidents are nearly always reported to Foundation personnel. No further anomalous effects have been noted.

SCP-5077-A is a cafeteria in former Site-61. Research into SCP-5077's thaumaturgical workings has indicated that SCP-5077-A is likely where SCP-5077 first manifested, and that the anomaly is likely to return there in the near future. SCP-5077-A has been outfitted with ritual-breaking devices that will neutralize the anomaly when it appears.

Further research has indicated that more precise details regarding the origin or mechanism of SCP-5077 are highly cognitohazardous, with effects including severe illness and death. As such, upon the neutralization of SCP-5077, there will be no reason to retain this dangerous information, and this entry will be marked for deletion.

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