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by J Dune

Item#: 5076
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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An SCP-5076-A instance clinging to a telephone pole located at Site-5076-1.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USINBL Area-179 R. Joseph Barrow A. Ann Starse L-8 "Ape Mode"


Cressona, PA, USA: now designated Site-5076-1.

Special Containment Procedures: Law enforcement channels worldwide are to be monitored for clusters of missing persons reports consistent with SCP-5076 activity.

Foundation web crawler Beta-12 ("BANANAPEELER") is to monitor the web for any mention of the phrase 'OBOBAN NATION', as well as any related SCP-5076-related keywords.

Upon confirmation of an SCP-5076 event, personnel are to be dispatched immediately according to procedure 'WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE', detailed in Document-5076-O.

All roads leading to Site-5076-1 have been redirected. A cover story detailing a nuclear meltdown having occurred on 1/18/20 has been disseminated, and all former inhabitants of Site-5076-1 legally declared dead. For a complete operational purview of Veil-keeping regarding Site-5076-1, see Document-5076-V-1.

MTF Lambda-8 "Ape Mode" is to be stationed along the perimeter surrounding Site-5076-1. All online activity originating from Site-5076-1 is to be monitored. If Site-5076-1's Veil is at risk due to the online activities of an SCP-5076-A instance, all internet connection to Site-5076-1 is to be cut off for a duration of 5 hours, and the offending SCP-5076-A instance reprimanded.

Entrance to Site-5076-1 outside of a Veil-restoring operation or as a member of the 5076 Cultural Exchange Liaison is forbidden without the express permission of Area-179's director, and a unanimous vote by the Ethics Committee.

Entities entering or exiting Site-5076-1 without authorization are to be neutralized.

Description: SCP-5076 refers to an anomalous event in which the inhabitants of a moderately sized human population center spontaneously disappear, followed by the appearance of sapient members of the Pongo genus.

As of ██/██/████, SCP-5076 has only occurred once- in Cressona, Pennsylvania- a northeastern borough formerly holding a human population of around 1500. Cressona has since been designated Site-5076-1.

The orangutan specimens inhabiting Site-5076-1- labeled SCP-5076-A, demonstrate intelligence and vocal capabilities comparable to humans as well as a ██-class technological proficiency. Human art, religion, and culture seem to be major topics of interest to SCP-5076-A.

Due to the nature of their appearance at Site-5076-1, SCP-5076-A claims regarding the history and culture of their species cannot be verified. Notable claims include:

  • SCP-5076-A vocalize using a 'universal communication field', and are capable of speech with any biological life
  • SCP-5076-A have no connection to non-anomalous members of the Pongo genus existing on earth- referring to them as 'crude effigies'
  • SCP-5076-A are a race of inter-dimensional nomads known as the Obobans
  • SCP-5076-A have existed long before humanity

SCP-5076-A have constructed what appears to be a religious shrine at the center of Site-5076-1; a random assortment of machinery- including wires, cables, automobile and computing components- arranged and modified in a way that serves no apparent purpose or function. All SCP-5076-A instances have been observed to gather around this structure at 20:00 daily, appearing to meditate as a group for hours on end. SCP-5076-A have refused to disclose the meaning of this ritual.

A number of religious artifacts written in an unknown language have been recovered from Site-5076-1- seemingly having materialized alongside SCP-5076-A- partly validating claims regarding a history. A translation of these texts- made possible through the assistance of orangutan priests- is pending.

In order to gain a more holistic understanding of Oboban society and beliefs, the 5076 Cultural Liaison was established. For documentation of information gained through this program, see files under 5076-CL-EP. As this exchange is still underway, 5076-CL-EP files will be updated routinely.

Addendum 5076.1: Discovery
On 1/18/2020, a staggering amount of emergency calls- mostly regarding missing persons from Cressona, Pennsylvania- came to the Foundation's attention. A large-scale amnestics program was enacted, and the perimeter surrounding Site-5076-1 was secured. A misinformation campaign regarding a nuclear meltdown was disseminated into media and law enforcement channels.

Hours later, a website operating under the name 'OBOBAN NATION' was discovered, hosted from servers in Cressona. The entire website, sans the title, was written in an unknown text. The page depicted images and videos of SCP-5076-A instances engaging in routine activities at Site-5076-1. Scenes depicted Oboban families caring for their offspring, a recording depicting a ritual revolving around the site's makeshift shrine, and a recorded message from SCP-5076-A-402- the apparent leader of Oboban society, addressing the viewer in what is assumed to be the same language the website was written in. Notably, SCP-5076-A-402 does not resemble an adult orangutan.

'OBOBAN NATION' was put under immediate digital quarantine.

Addendum 5076.2: Engagement Log Transcripts

Engagement of SCP-5076-A occurred on 5/19/2020. Because of his experience with dangerous anomalies, as well as his [DATA EXPUNGED], Area-179 senior researcher Dr. Edward Dune was chosen to initiate contact with SCP-5076-A. Researcher Angela Starse kept in contact with Dune via radio.

A body camera was attached to Dr. Dune's person for documentation purposes. Transcripts of the engagement mission are listed below.











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