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Item#: 5075
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Special Containment Procedures [ARCHIVED]: Venues planning to host "punk rock" performances are to be monitored for any references to The Porcelain Gang Bang. MTF-Xi-75 ("The Sniveling Scips") is assigned to attend these performances and monitor the venues themselves for suspicious activity. In the event SCP-5075 manifests, MTF-Xi-75 will secure the area and alert the Amnestics Department for the detainment of civilians.

Description: SCP-5075 was the designation given to the Merseybeat/garage-rock band known as The Porcelain Gang Bang, who were active between 1961 and 1975. Music performed by SCP-5075 often dealt with themes of anti-authoritarianism, pestilence, and sexual activity. Music performed by SCP-5075 was sung in a mixture of English and an unidentified second language, and possibly carried a memetic effect that allowed all listeners to understand the lyrics in a literal and emotional sense.

The members of SCP-5075 (designated 5075-1 through -4) were humanoid entities dressed in costumes resembling 16th century English masquerade ball outfits with porcelain comedy masks.

SCP-5075 demonstrated the ability to materialize and dematerialize, often appearing in a flicker of light during performances. However, they notably only manifested at venues that could house no more than 900 attendees (primarily pubs). Though the entities were always included on the set list and promotional material of performances they manifested at, organizers do not recall interacting with SCP-5075 or any individual member.

SCP-5075's music appeared to have a psychotropic effect on listeners, causing existential melancholy or overwhelming dread. A select amount of listeners, hereby referred to as SCP-5075-A, expressed feelings of malaise and incompleteness after listening to SCP-5075, and noted a desire to learn the music themselves.


Closing Notes: Multiple containment proposals have been suggested to me, all of which I have summarily denied. SCP-5075 is, unless proven otherwise, Neutralized. It's been inactive for twelve years, if it was still a threat, it would've done something by now.

- Director Shirley Gillespie

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