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SCP-5070 at rest.

Item #: SCP-5070

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5070 is to be kept in Site-15's indoor aviary. 2x4 wooden planks coated in red paint are to be provided to SCP-5070 three times a day for feeding purposes. After completion of feeding, the planks are to be retrieved and repainted. One live rabbit is to be provided to SCP-5070 weekly. In the event that SCP-5070 escapes, personnel are to use red objects to lure the anomaly back to containment.

Description: SCP-5070 is a black desktop stapler. SCP-5070 is sentient, and displays behavior similar to birds of the Picidae1family. It is capable of locomotion through short hops or flight, which is accomplished through the use of two triangular pieces of A4 paper taped to the handle, which act as wings. Testing has confirmed that the paper is heavily durable compared to non-anomalous counterparts. Other than an inscription etched on the bottom of SCP-5070 displaying the word “VAMP”, the item is in good condition.

SCP-5070 is normally passive, and shows signs that resemble affection towards humans2 with the exception of feeding. In this hunting state, it will protrude staple teeth from the hole of the carrier and hunt for the nearest living animal. Upon locating prey, it will attempt to crush or fasten the prey to nearby surfaces and repeatedly staple it until deceased3, then piercing the skin a final time before sucking the entirety of the blood using the staple teeth as a focal point. It is currently unknown how SCP-5070 is able to absorb blood, nor what becomes of the liquid after consumption. After feeding, it will return to a passive state.

SCP-5070 is able to use red coloring as a substitute for sustenance. When given objects colored red (or other shades of red), it will approach and 'bite' down on the widest surface possible. The color will recede to where the teeth meet until disappearing completely, leaving neutral colors (white, gray, black etc.) behind. This process only affects the color red; other colors will be unaffected. Despite being able to gain sustenance from any red object, SCP-5070 prioritizes blood as a food source. After incidents of SCP-5070 attacking personnel following long periods of substitute feeding, containment procedures have been updated to include the introduction of one live rabbit once every week to amend the issue.

Discovery: On 9/15/2008, SCP-5070 was discovered by the Foundation following a series of reports involving red objects suddenly turning gray without apparent cause in Mission Viejo, California. Agents were dispatched to the area and eventually encountered SCP-5070 stapling carcasses of squirrels to a tree within the premises of a private golf course. SCP-5070 did not resist and was apprehended with relative ease. All objects affected were repainted to their original color as necessary.

Shortly after capture, it became apparent that the objects that SCP-5070 had affected led a trail from the golf course to the suburban home of Dominic White (PoI-1877), a 29-year old accountant employed by the ███ ████████ Company. The house was found uninhabited at the time. The premises was investigated and uncovered multiple indicators that SCP-5070 was kept in the house. Among these were:

  • All windows, with the exception of the second-floor bathroom, were covered in blinds and each of the doors leading inside the building had multiple locks installed on them.
  • All of the wooden furniture were covered in layers of bubble wrap.
  • An abundant amount of cans of red paint and wooden blocks were stored in the pantry.
  • Binders detailing thaumaturgic practices and arts were found on a work bench in the garage. Inside the binder was a set of written transactions detailing a list of items being sent to various named individuals4.
  • A custom-made indoor aviary in the main bedroom. The bars of the cage were made of denser metals and were significantly reinforced. Inside the aviary contained the seat and chain of a playground swing set, a bird feeder modified to dispense rabbit blood, and several chew toys embedded with staples.

A search was immediately issued for PoI-1877. Foundation agents posing as law enforcement investigated ███ ████████; it was revealed that he left work early on the excuse of a family emergency. All attempts to trace his cell phone have failed.

Nearly a month after containment of SCP-5070, security personnel discovered PoI-1877 scouting the area of Site-15. He attempted to flee but was quickly arrested. PoI-1877's vehicle was found nearby along with a bag of tools, a Crosman brand BB gun and a rough sketch of the layout of the Site stored in the trunk. Upon confirming PoI-1877's identity, an interview was scheduled to determine his relationship with SCP-5070.

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