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2/5068 LEVEL 2/5068
Item #: SCP-5068


Fig. 1: SCP-5068 under 25 times magnification.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5068 is to be stored inside a standard hermetically-sealed containment locker that allows for microscopic enhancement. SCP-5068 must be activated by a D-class at 10:27am (GMT) daily, for at least five minutes, before being returned to its container.

Description: SCP-5068 is a drop of water approximately 0.05 milliliters in volume. Its chemical composition indicates a source of naturally-occurring precipitation, or rainwater.

Under magnification, SCP-5068 contains two dominant strands of micro-fauna (designated SCP-5068-A and SCP-5068-B) currently engaged in massive inter-microbial warfare. The cause of the wide-scale conflict is currently unknown, though early DNA samples show a 99.9% match between A and B-instances.

Both A and B-instances have evolved biology suited to prolonged periods of warfare: SCP-5068-A (Fig. 1, extreme middle-left) has an elongated torso with multiple appendages for traversal and self-defense. SCP-5068-B (Fig. 1, extreme bottom-right), while 30% smaller, possesses eight limbs, dual eye sockets and pincers at the end of its forelimbs to track down and dismember SCP-5068-A with ease.

Discovery: Foundation personnel were screening Site-65 for environmental hazards when SCP-5068 was discovered in a random sample of rainwater. Further testing on the site's surrounding precipitation, groundwater and sanitation facilities is ongoing.


Test Log 1, 06/06/2016:

D-class personnel (designated D-4439) examines SCP-5068 through a high-powered microscope: hundreds of thousands of SCP-5068-A and SCP-5068-B instances are observed to be engaged in large-scale battle.

Evidence of small arms fire and coordinated tactics are observed: B-instances use "pincer-like" movements to assault SCP-5068-A's position, whereas A-instances huddle behind natural barriers for protection. B-instances also employ rudimentary weapons and vehicles comprised of an inert, organic matter, whereas A-instances hurl globules of the same material as high-velocity projectiles.

D-4439 observes the battle for approximately five minutes before noticing that both A and B-instances have ceased their fighting and are staring up in her direction. Testing is immediately terminated.

Test Log 2, 06/15/2016:

Tall structures have been erected from the center of SCP-5068-A and SCP-5068-B concentrations, which appear to be their main centres of population. The "towers" appear organic and constantly moving, and appear to be erected from the same biological material used to construct their weapons and tools.

D-4439's presence is noticed much earlier this time - the structures quickly begin moving in the direction of the D-class' gaze. D-4439 notices both A and B-instances climbing up the towers and over themselves, before hurling projectiles in her general direction, which accumulate on her viewing lens as flecks of dirt.

No injuries reported. Chemical analysis of the dirt samples indicate a genetic match to SCP-5068-A and B instances themselves.

Test Log 3, 06/17/2016:

D-4439 ordered to depress her fingertip into the top of SCP-5068; request to use a sterilised metal rod denied. D-class eventually complies, "activating" SCP-5068 for five minutes before allowing the water droplet to fall back down to the surface.

Upon re-magnification, A and B's "towers" appear to have been demolished, with scores of SCP-5068 instances lying scattered and inert across the surface.1

D-4439 then ordered to place her finger on the tip of her tongue; subsequent refusal is threatened with further disciplinary action. D-class eventually complies, ingesting a portion of SCP-5068, but no side effects observed immediately. Recommend similar containment procedures to be enacted for D-4439.

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D-class activation of SCP-5068 via finger-depression technique.

Test Log 4, 06/19/2016:

D-4439 reports that A and B-instances have ceased hostilities with one another. Instead, both cultures observed to be actively cooperating towards the goal of containment breach. More instances have appeared in opposing "cities", rebuilding each other's towers at alarming rates.

As such, recommend increasing the frequency of SCP-5068's "activation" to once every three days to prevent A and B-instances from reaching the lens barrier of the microscope.

Note: D-4439 has reported mild symptoms of lightheadedness, nausea and xerostomia.2 Daily fluid intake has also increased by 300%. Recommend continued monitoring of her physical condition within containment.

Test Log 5, 06/30/2016:

Testing was prematurely terminated when D-4439 refused to comply with emergency quarantine procedures.

Docile behaviour was initially observed amongst A and B-instances, with D-4439 expressing relief that the microorganisms were "no longer attacking [her] on sight" but working towards the construction of a single, massive tower comprised of their combined, fallen dead.

Foundation staff grew suspicious, however, when D-4439 refused to back away from the lens barrier despite repeated orders to activate SCP-5068. Instead, D-class merely repeated over and over again: "They're already out. They're already inside of me."

SCP-5068 was retracted back into containment after five minutes, as per safety protocol. D-4439 immediately displayed signs of aggression, screaming and banging on the glass wall of her observation cell, demanding to be released.

Test Log 6, 07/03/2016: CANCELLED

D-4439 attempted to breach containment today. Blunt force trauma to her limbs and cranium listed as official cause of death. The glass barrier of her containment cell will also require replacement.

A postmortem indicates extensive presence of SCP-5068-A and B instances in her blood, saliva and urine samples; working theory is that these microorganisms propagate through liquid H20, saturating the host's body before moving onto its next vessel.

Given the extent of symptoms at the time of D-4439's demise, the virus would have put her down within the next 24 hours (or approximately two weeks since exposure to SCP-5068), regardless.

Future Test Log(s) ##: GREENLIGHT

Recommend daily depression of D-class finger into SCP-5068 to continue to prevent a possible microbial MK-class outbreak scenario. To further disrupt SCP-5068-A and B's efforts in breaching containment, this frequency may escalate in the future.

To coincide with mass screenings of Foundation personnel, O-5 Command has given its greenlight to commence mass clinical trials to find a way to neutralise newly discovered SCP-5068 instances.

Additional containment cells are being constructed as we speak. Remember to preserve their remains for future study.

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