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Photo of SCP-5065 from its last written book prior to public disappearance.

Item #: SCP-5065

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5065 is currently contained in Cell 93, revision 35-D of the standard Low-Risk Humanoid Containment Cell. Cell 93 is to be revised and modified under the direction of Research Head Dr. Jack H. Woodson and Head Investigator Canton Lodge to prevent the possibility of further containment breaches. Revisions are detailed in Document 5065-Locked Room.

If SCP-5065 is discovered outside of its containment cell, ask it to accompany you back into containment and immediately use the 5065-Pager to inform assigned staff. Unless SCP-5065's breach involves another entity, do NOT signal a standard breach.

Description: SCP-5065 is a human male determined to be "Henry James", an author of several mystery novels under the pen name "Willard Darnell". SCP-5065 was declared a missing person a year prior to his containment. SCP-5065 has proven to be extremely difficult to contain and has been able to escape situations in which escape was deemed impossible, including several Foundation attempts to contain it.

SCP-5065 was discovered in Foundation Site-██, having passed several security measures to prevent infiltration without proper clearance. SCP-5065 was immediately captured and interrogated through heavy physical coercion.

Extremely effective coercion techniques such as [DATA EXPUNGED] were employed, with a 100% coercion success rate on non-anomalous humans, and 76% on anomalous humanoids with properties that allow them to withstand the extreme conditions of the process for much longer. Despite this, SCP-5065 was unfazed throughout the entire process. Questioning resulted in SCP-5065 simply responding by saying "Torture is unnecessary and ineffective, please just put me in one of your containment facilities, I'm very clearly anomalous."

A negotiator achieved better results, yet not to a much higher degree. SCP-5065 assured the negotiator that he posed no danger to any personnel, claimed his resistance to was anomalous in nature and requested the Foundation contain and study it.

SCP-5065 was placed in a standard low-risk humanoid containment cell, as it had shown no resistance thus far. SCP-5065 was to be moved to a fitting containment cell once the nature of its anomalous properties was determined.

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