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Item #: SCP-5064

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-5064 are to be contained in the Anomalous Explosives Storage Unit located at Site-77. Instances of SCP-5064 are to be inspected monthly for potential damage, during which time they will be interviewed and are required to perform one short dance with the staff member performing the inspection.

As instances of SCP-5064 are incapable of movement, the object will be secured to a researcher using a custom harness for the duration of the dance. The dance will be performed in a cushioned room adjacent to the Anomalous Explosives Storage Unit. Dances performed with SCP-5064 should be selected from the approved dance list to decrease the likelihood of an unintentional trip or fall during the dance. All staff members working with SCP-5064 should have a background in dance to assure a level of poise and balance necessary to maintain safe containment.

During routine storage, a speaker connected to an audio streaming device should be placed near by SCP-5064. A playlist will be selected every morning by a Senior Researcher familiar with SCP-5064. The genre of the playlist should be changed daily to prevent further deterioration to the structure of any SCP-5064 objects.

Description: SCP-5064 refers to 24 sticks of dynamite (designated SCP-5064-1 through SCP-5064-24) produced by the now defunct Collins Demolitions Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Instances of SCP-5064 are sentient, capable of vocalizing, and exhibit basic human sensory capabilities. Instances of SCP-5064 are entirely incapable of movement on their own and must be assisted in all movement required in their Special Containment Procedures.

Instances of SCP-5064 are highly social and outgoing. The objects often start conversations with Foundation staff members unprompted. All known instances of SCP-5064 share a love of music and a self described "obsession" with dancing. Individual instances of SCP-5064 have different preferences when it comes to the type of music and dance they claim to enjoy the most, although instances of SCP-5064 will accept an offer to dance presented to them regardless of their professed tastes in dance.

Instances of SCP-5064 will begin to degrade over time if a dance with them is not performed at least every 90 days. Constant exposure to music associated with dancing also appears to significantly slow the deterioration of the objects. According to documents recovered during the original containment of SCP-5064, an instance of SCP-5064 will explode violently if allowed to degrade over a period of six months.


SCP-5064 was originally discovered in an abandoned factory previously owned by Collins Demolitions Inc.; a report of strange voices singing from inside the factory prompted an investigation by the Foundation which recovered the 24 samples currently in containment. Before the Foundation could return to search for more samples of SCP-5064 the factory was destroyed in an explosion caused by an unknown source. The Foundation will continue to monitor buildings owned by former Collins Demolitions subcontractors for reports of unusual singing.


Below are a sample of three interviews with different instances of SCP-5064, with details about the dance that was performed attached.

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