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by J Dune

Item#: 5061
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SCP-5061, outside of its protective casing.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5061 is to be stored inside Area-179's Secure Media Archive.1

Access to SCP-5061 is limited to the researcher assigned to Project-5061-Telephone. Interaction is to be carried out once every 24 hours for the purpose of collecting information regarding SCP-5061 and Entity-5061-1, and all interaction is to be recorded.2

Description: SCP-5061 is a 35 mm film reel encased in an unlabeled container. SCP-5061 holds approximately 305 m of film3- all of which is blank.

Despite holding the equivalent of 11 minutes worth of film, SCP-5061 will run indefinitely when played. Upon projection, SCP-5061 displays the image of a dressing room, in which Entity-5061-1 will be present. From information provided by SCP-5061-A, this dressing room is located on the set of the 1942 Warner Brothers production Yankee Doodle Dandy. SCP-5061 can be projected once every 24 hours. Attempting to play SCP-5061 after stopping the projector will result in a blank screen. This will continue until the 24 hour period between projections is over.

Entity-5061-1 is a young woman that is present during projections of SCP-5061. The entity can be interacted with by those viewing SCP-5061, and has given no indication of anomalous origin or intent. Entity-5061-1 refers to itself as 'Elizabeth Connors', and has provided a mass of information regarding itself and the nature of SCP-5061. No such name appears in the credits for Yankee Doodle Dandy, nor does the likeness of Entity-5061-1 appear in any known cut of the film. Search of records from various acting agencies and studio archives from the era to match the likeness and description of Entity-5061-1 is ongoing.

Information provided by Entity-5061-1 and upon acquisition of the object4 indicates that projecting SCP-5061 acts as a conduit between two separate points in time- one in the present, and one in 1942. Because of the viewpoint provided through projection and references by Entity-5061-1 itself, it is known that Entity-5061-1 can 'see' its viewers through its dressing room mirror. Regardless of what time SCP-5061 is successfully projected,5 Entity-5061-1 will always perceive the event as occurring around 20:00.

Addendum 5061.1: Acquisition

SCP-5061 was acquired by MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") from an auction held by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. on 5/10/2020. An excerpt from the bidder's guide is displayed below.

Status Selling
Demand High
Value 85000USD
Availability Unique
Identifier The Woman in the Reel
Description A film reel that- when played- accesses a window to the past- specifically, the dressing room of a 1940s actress by the name of Elizabeth Connors. The viewer is able to interact with Elizabeth, and vice-versa. Elizabeth is able to be talked to once every 24 hours for an indefinite amount of time, or- at least until she has other things to do. To cease interaction, simply turn the projector off, and remove the reel.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP


Addendum 5061.2: Project-5061-Telephone

In order to gain information about and to thoroughly investigate SCP-5061, Project-5061-Telephone was established and assigned to a sole researcher- Dr. Edward Dune. Transcripts of Dr. Dune's logs are listed below.

Addendum 5061.3: Project-5061-Telephone: UPDATE

As of 5/27/2020, Project-5061-Telephone has been suspended. See notice below.

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