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Item #: SCP-5057

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5057 is contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber. Excess fluids are to be cleaned as necessary. Consumption of SCP-5057 is strictly forbidden.

SCP-5057 has been assigned to the GoI-3861 research team.

Description: SCP-5057 is a humanoid automaton made of polypropylene plastic, roughly resembling a clown. It is sentient and capable of speech, despite lacking the necessary organs to do so. Though it is capable of movement, SCP-5057 is mostly still and only appears to move when necessary. SCP-5057 secretes a continuous amount of ethylene glycol (CH2OH)22 on its surface, which coats the plastic it is made out of. The entity claims to be fully edible and repeatedly encourages personnel who interact with it to consume it.

Addendum 5057.01: Attached Document

The following note was attached to SCP-5057 at the time of discovery.

Hi, kids! Now you are the proud owner of Señor Taste, who is the Tiny Señor line of Professor Funtastic! Try to collect all the fun for hours!
Let your señors here for fun! Pick up all the señors, super fun! Fun for you! Fun of your friends!

Addendum 5057.02: The following interviews/interactions were recorded by the GoI-386 Research Team during initial containment.

Addendum 5057.02: SCP-5057 has been moved to a dedicated containment team. Please click this link for further details.

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