SCP-5056 Experiment and Incident Reports

SCP-5056 Experiment and Incident Reports

Amended where necessary to reflect the present classifications of SCP-5056-A and B.

Experiment 5056-RE-01
Date: 09/13/2002
Presiding: Dr. M. Bradbury, Dr. H. Blank

Intent: Establish SCP-5056-A's tolerance for separation from SCP-5056-B.

Procedure: SCP-5056-B reported to a testing module containing one steel table and one steel chair. One mirror was mounted in the adjoining hallway.

Observations: After nine seconds without line-of-sight to SCP-5056-B, SCP-5056-A became visibly agitated, vibrating so intensely that its features became impossible to distinguish. Simultaneously, a constant tone of 119 dB was experienced by all occupants of Site-43 not in containment, regardless of hearing ability, protective equipment or distance from the visual anomaly.

Analysis: Limited further experimentation revealed that returning SCP-5056-B to SCP-5056-A's sightline immediately terminated its agitation and tonal emission.

Conclusions: Separation of these subjects is prejudicial to efficient operations at Site-43.. Inconvenience is no excuse to defer investigation — Falkirk, Dr. E. [01/14/2003]

Experiment 5056-RE-02
Date: 09/14/2002 - 09/18/2002
Presiding: Dr. M. Bradbury

Intent: Establish SCP-5056-A's tolerance for restraint.

Procedure: SCP-5056-B reported to a testing module containing amenities sufficient for one week's isolation. Dr. Bradbury visited the module every nine hours to receive an oral report from SCP-5056-B.


Personal eyewear of Dr. Melissa Bradbury after Experiment 5056-RE-02/Incident 5056-I-02

Observations: Experiment was terminated after 81 hours by Dr. Bradbury's admission to the care of the Site-43 Emergency Psychiatric and Amnestic Unit (EPAU).

Analysis: During Dr. Bradbury's ninth visit to the testing module, SCP-5056-A manifested in the left lens of her eyeglasses (worn), resulting in her remandance to psychiatric care and eventual resignation from the Foundation. Cellular breakdown of the lens glass was observed.

Conclusions: SCP-5056-A has a low tolerance for restraint..Was this Dr. Bradbury debriefed? What did she see? — Falkirk, Dr. E. [01/14/2003]

Addendum: Special Containment Procedures updated. Project SARGENT initiated on 09/19/2002 to explore alternative containment possibilities for SCP-5056-A in the event that SCP-5056-B perishes.

Experiment 5056-RE-03
Date: 10/17/2002
Presiding: Dr. H. Blank

Intent: Intercept alleged auditory phenomena associated with SCP-5056-A.

Procedure: One digital recording device and one cassette tape recorder were activated and secreted on SCP-5056-B's person. SCP-5056-B was provided with eight one-hour cassette tapes and tasked with replacing them as necessary — outside of SCP-5056-A's visual range. SCP-5056-B was then instructed to proceed with his assigned shift work.

Observations: Review of the digital recording revealed exclusively non-anomalous audio. Review of the analogue recordings revealed SCP-5056-A's harangue of SCP-5056-B on all tapes save the first. A partial transcript of Cassette 5056-10-17-02-C, recorded in the third-sublevel Habitation and Sustenance Section cafeteria, follows:

Personnel Present: RE31 (Dr. S. Rance), RE32 (Dr. T. Wichman), RE87 (Dr. D. Sokolsky), JM46 (A. Banerjee), HS223 (E. Wyers), SCP-5056-A, SCP-5056-B

Dr. Rance: What the f—… oh. Mr. Deering.

SCP-5056-B: Hey Dr. Rance. Sorry.

SCP-5056-A: Philip.

Dr. Rance: Not like you can help it! Should know better than to daydream in front of a mirror by now. [audio event consistent with metal on porcelain] Have at 'er.

SCP-5056-B: Thanks, sir.

Banerjee: Hey Phil.

SCP-5056-B: Hey. Oh, hey Azad.

Banerjee: [laughter] You awake, there?

SCP-5056-B: Sorry. Yeah. Doug's been acting up lately, didn't get much sleep.

Banerjee: What's he doing now?

SCP-5056-B: Spent all last night whispering the names of every JM who died over the last nine months.

SCP-5056-A: Philip.

Banerjee: Nine months? How do you, uh… know it that specifically?

SCP-5056-B: It was repeating them on loop, Azad. [audio event consistent with metal on linoleum] —hours. Eventually I decided to see if I could remember when each one died, since I wasn't getting any sleep anyway and, yeah, nine months.

SCP-5056-A: Philip.

SCP-5056-B: What, Doug.

SCP-5056-A: They're listening, Philip.

SCP-5056-B: That's great, Doug.

Banerjee: What's he saying?

Dr. Sokolsky: Hey Phil. Hey, Boogerman.

SCP-5056-B: Hey Dr. Sokolsky. Uh, it says they're listening.

SCP-5056-A: They're listening, Philip.

Banerjee: Who's listening?

Dr. Wichman: Deering. Banerjee. Oh, Deering, Wettle's looking for you. Might want to avoid R&E today.

SCP-5056-B: Thanks, Dr. Wichman.

Dr. Wichman: Mhm. [audio event consistent with fingers tapping on glass] Pass me some of those mixed nuts, 5056. I can't get topside for change until next Tuesday.

Banerjee: Who's listening, Phil?

SCP-5056-B: Damned if I know.

SCP-5056-A: They're listening, Philip.

SCP-5056-B: That's terrific, Doug, I'm so happy for you. Why don't you go talk to them?

SCP-5056-A: I can hear them listening, Philip.

Dr. Wichman: Damn thing ate my five again! I swear it only does that when you let 5056 in there, Deering.

SCP-5056-B: I can't very well stop it, Dr. Wichman.

Dr. Wichman: [muttering] perfectly good mirror right there.

Banerjee: Maybe he's bored of mirrors.

SCP-5056-A: I can hear the wheels turning.

Banerjee: I hope he does that thing with the eye slits again today.

SCP-5056-A: And I can hear them listening.

SCP-5056-B: Come on, Doug, we're going to the kitchen. You can play in the silverware drawers.

SCP-5056-A: I can hear them listening, Philip.

SCP-5056-B: Uh-huh.

SCP-5056-A: Philip.

Wyers: Christ, you're on this shift today?

SCP-5056-A: They're listening to you too, Philip.

Wyers: He always scares the shit out of me at least once while you're in here.

SCP-5056-B: You get used to it.

Analysis: Both recording devices were initially activated by Dr. Blank, but the analogue recorder was deactivated and reactivated by SCP-5056-B seven times to replace its cassettes. SCP-5056-A was only recorded when SCP-5056-B initiated the recording, though SCP-5056-A did not witness this.

Conclusions: SCP-5056-B may himself be anomalous. Further testing is warranted..Yes! Transcendental commutuality cannot be proven second-hand. To establish Deering as a vector for — rather than a subject of — anomalous activity, he must himself be tested — Falkirk, Dr. E. [01/14/2003]

Addendum: SCP-5056-B's uniforms have been fitted with permanent digital audio recording apparatus. Recordings are to be archived in Low-Yield Data Storage Facility 2 at Site-43.

Experiment 5056-RE-10
Date: 11/04/2002
Presiding: Dr. W. Wettle

Intent: Replicate results of Experiment 5056-RE-09 ("SCP-5056-A violates the laws of optics, and its recognizance is not sight-based"); further establish extent of SCP-5056-A's recognizance.



Procedure: SCP-5056-B was directed through a course of varied light and atmospheric conditions, as in Experiment 5056-RE-09. SCP-5056-B was then removed from SCP-5056-A's line-of-sight, and a doppelganger wearing sophisticated surgical prosthesis was introduced in an identical uniform.

Observations: SCP-5056-A pursued SCP-5056-B without visual contact, manifesting on unlit (and therefore non-reflective) mirrors; SCP-5056-A ignored the new subject and began tonal emission after nine seconds had elapsed.

Conclusions: Definitely something spooky going on here..If you're going to do a replication study, you need to include some actual analysis — and maintain a clinical tone — Blank, Dr. H. [11/04/2002]

Incident 5056-I-04
Date: 01/23/2003
Officer of Record: H. Yancy

On 01/14/2003, Dr. Allan McInnis was suspended as Director of Site-43 during an inquiry into the 09/08/2002 cascade containment breach in the Applied Occultism and Acroamatic Abatement Sections. Dr. Edwin Falkirk was designated his pro-tem replacement and arrived at Site-43 later that day, almost immediately encountering both SCP-5056-A and B in the Administration and Oversight second sublevel men's washroom. Subsequent to this encounter, SCP-5056-B filed an incident report which was immediately suppressed by Dr. Falkirk.

After consultation with Research and Experimentation personnel, Dr. Falkirk executed Experiment 5056-RE-18 on 01/23/2003. His intent was to demonstrate that SCP-5056-B possessed no anomalous qualities and was non-essential for containment of SCP-5056-A.

A testing module with attached observation centre was fitted with an air recycling and control system, one steel table, one steel chair and one hand mirror, placed on the table. Dr. Falkirk first instructed SCP-5056-B to enter the observation centre and activate various recording apparatus. This was done. Dr. Falkirk then instructed SCP-5056-B to enter the testing module, which was sealed behind him. The experiment commenced at 18:12:11 EST; a complete audio log is transcribed below.

Personnel Present: AO3 (Dr. E. Falkirk), LT119 (G. Ruan), LT121 (R. Bevan), SCP-5056-A, SCP-5056-B

Dr. Falkirk: Can you hear me, JM64?

SCP-5056-B: Yes, doctor, I can hear you.

Dr. Falkirk: Sit down.

SCP-5056-B: Alright. Uh, yes sir.

SCP-5056-A: Get out.

SCP-5056-B: Did you hear that, doctor?

Dr. Falkirk: Yes, we heard you.

SCP-5056-B: No, I mean—

Dr. Falkirk: Commence procedure.

Ruan: Confirmed.

Dr. Falkirk: Narrate your experience for us, JM64.

SCP-5056-A: Get out.

SCP-5056-B: Uh… well, I'm sitting here, and Dou— …I mean, the skip's in the mirror, and… I don't know, sir, what's this all about?

Dr. Falkirk: How's his respiration?

SCP-5056-B: I'm really sorry about what happened in the bathroom.

Ruan: He'll be feeling it soon. You know, I do miss having a monitor, but this older technology is actually quite—

Dr. Falkirk: Quiet. Let me see the printout.

Ruan: Yes sir.

SCP-5056-A: GET OUT.

SCP-5056-B: JESUS! [loud exhalation] Take a pill, buddy.

Dr. Falkirk: Alright, phase two.

Ruan: I'll need verbal confirmation of that order, doctor.

Dr. Falkirk: Initiate phase two.

Ruan: Confirmed.

Dr. Falkirk: Continue your narration, JM64.

SCP-5056-B: Uhh… well, actually, I'm feeling kind of… light-headed, right now, and… actually I'm having trouble bre. Breathing?

SCP-5056-A: GET OUT.

SCP-5056-B: We can't… we can't… Doug, hey, what's… going… what's going…

Ruan: He should be unconscious momentarily.

SCP-5056-B: Doug…? I— [audio event: percussion]

Ruan: 5056-B is unconscious.

Dr. Falkirk: He'd better be, or he just heard that.

Ruan: Shit, uh, I mean—

Dr. Falkirk: Eyes on the mirror, gentlemen.

Bevan: 5056-A appears agitated.

SCP-5056-A: Philip?

Bevan: Movement in its facial orifices.

SCP-5056-A: Philip. Wake up.

Ruan: Hypoxia.

Dr. Falkirk: Now we'll see.

Bevan: I think there's a problem with the camera, the skip looks fuzz—

Dr. Falkirk: [incoherent screaming]

Bevan: What the f—

Dr. Falkirk: [incoherent screaming]

Ruan: Is that his EYE?!


Bevan: He's going for the other one!

Experiment terminated at 18:14:23 EST. Dr. Falkirk was treated for blood loss and facial trauma, and the loss of his left eye; he was restrained before he could remove his right eye. Directorship of Site-43 devolved to Dr. McInnis at 18:20:00.

Addendum: SCP-5056-B sustained no permanent injury, and resumed his duties after psychological evaluation. Dr. Falkirk remains under indefinite suicide watch at Site-06-3; executive review of his concerns over the classification and containment of SCP-5056 is pending.

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