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Artist's rendering of SCP-5056-A, presently in SCP-5056-B's possession.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5056 is contained by the Janitorial and Maintenance Section of Site-43. Its position depends upon, is determined by, and may be directed via the work schedule of Philip Eugene Deering (JM64/SCP-5056-B).

SCP-5056-B is confined to Site-43. He must not be assigned tasks in the research or experimentation laboratories, operating theatres, administrative offices, containment facilities or wetworks. He must nevertheless be assigned a daily duty schedule. He is not to be apprised of his SCP status.

SCP-5056-A and B are not to be separated.

In the event of SCP-5056-B's death, selected staff will execute SARGENT Protocol to neutralize SCP-5056-A. SARGENT Protocol documents have been forwarded to suitable personnel; personnel who have not received said documents have no additional containment duties in relation to these subjects.

43NET Standing Orders [FILTERED: SCP-5056]
Standing Order 5056-01: A network of wall-mounted mirrors, each in visual range of at least two others and all inspected on a regular schedule, must be maintained within each sector of Site-43.
Standing Order 5056-02: No personnel requiring ocular devices may be admitted to Site-43..I think it's time to review SO-5056-02; we all regret the departure of Dr. Bradbury, but after what happened with Dr. Falkirk I don't think glasses are the issue here. They might well function as PPE under certain circumstances — Blank, Dr. H. [01/31/2003]

Description: SCP-5056-A is a hairless humanoid with matte grey skin and ragged facial scars approximating two eyes and a mouth. It possesses no observable physical form, manifesting only in reflective surfaces — displaying a preference for glass, particularly lenses. It causes atomic-level degradation to optical equipment and media on which it appears. It can be seen by all personnel, but only SCP-5056-B can hear it "speak"; it was previously hypothesized that SCP-5056-B was experiencing stress-related auditory hallucinations, but his claims have since been verified.

SCP-5056-B is a white male human being, 172 centimetres tall with brown eyes and thinning, greying brown hair.


JM64 in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D twenty-three days before reclassification as SCP-5056-B.

Addendum 5056-1, Phenomenological Overview: Technician JM64, Philip E. Deering, joined the Site-43 Janitorial and Maintenance Section on 07/21/1999. His Hiring and Regulation Section performance reviews describe a reliable, amiable, melancholy worker exhibiting no anomalous properties. He maintained sporadic contact with family, including an estranged brother, and engaged in brief romantic relationships invariably terminated by his partners.


SCP-5056-A manifesting in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-B.

SCP-5056-A first appeared to Deering on 09/09/2002. Since that date it has followed him without exception, without pause, and without rest. Its interest in its subject has not lapsed once in eighteen years. SCP-5056-A will not engage with entities other than SCP-5056-B, unless the latter is threatened; experimental and incident data demonstrate that it can perceive other entities, but chooses to ignore them. SCP-5056-A's actions are inversely responsive to the emotional needs of SCP-5056-B: it opens its scars wide, gurns and screeches when he is at rest, and engages him in disagreeable conversation when he is despondent. (Popular topics include mistakes SCP-5056-B has made, social interactions he has botched, absent family members, his personal hygiene and the futility of human existence.) SCP-5056-B therefore defines his counterpart in antithesis, though he claims and demonstrates no control over this relationship..Insinuation is unscientific. Am I to infer that Deering is anomalous because he might be unconsciously instigating this phenomenon? Further experimentation is indicated — Falkirk, Dr. E. [01/14/2003]

SCP-5056-B has become inured to his counterpart's antics through long association, and rarely reacts to them with shock or dismay. He frequently fails to react at all; by 2007 he displayed such degraded responses to sudden audio or visual stimuli that his more technical duties were reassigned to personnel unburdened by supermundane phenomena. He applauds particularly creative, invasive or entertaining assaults by SCP-5056-A, and offers constructive criticism.

When separated from SCP-5056-B, SCP-5056-A emits a constant tone at 119 decibels which can be heard throughout Site-43. Because of this, and because of SCP-5056-B's duties in well-traveled sections of the Site, long-term staff are constantly aware of and have become accustomed to SCP-5056-A. Many regard the apparition as an unofficial Site mascot and have acquired the habit of greeting it when encountered, often employing personalized nicknames.

SCP-5056-B initially used the personal pronoun "it" to describe his counterpart; after 01/23/2003 he exclusively uses male personal pronouns. His personal appellation for the apparition is "Doug," but when referring to it indirectly he prefers the term "my Employee of the Month Award." No such award has ever been granted to him, and in light of his present duties no such award is likely forthcoming.

Deteriorations of SCP-5056-B's mental and emotional states projected by his first ten Hiring and Regulation reviews have not occurred.

43NET Bulletins [FILTERED: SCP-5056]
Attention, all Sections: Per a request from Hiring and Regulation, we will be discontinuing the Employee of the Month Awards effective 06/30/2019. JM4414, Amelia Torosyan, will be the final recipient in recognition of her quick thinking during JM64's cardiac episode last week. [06/26/2019]
Attention, Research and Experimentation Section: The first iteration of SARGENT Protocol has been drafted. Project SARGENT is now seeking alternative strategies for containment of SCP-5056-A in the event that SCP-5056-B expires. As Project SARGENT members are administered amnestics after their dismissal, you may already have contributed to the solution; we encourage you to contribute again! The 119 decibel life is, after all, not worth living indefinitely. [06/21/2019]


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