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SCP-5053 during initial discovery.

Item #: SCP-5053

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5053 is currently contained within the botanical wing of Site 83. The entity is permitted to explore and document its experiences freely. The entity is not permitted to enter restricted areas or explore the facility beyond the botanical wing. Video recordings of the entity's explorations are to be reviewed bi-weekly. Any attempts to violate, abuse or otherwise take advantage of its liberties are to be reported to the current site director.

Interaction with the entity outside of testing should remain minimal as to avoid unnecessary sentimental attachments. SCP-5053's psychological state should be reviewed weekly, and should any notable signs of depression be observed, it shall be confined within a temporary insectoid containment cell until it recovers completely.

Any and all weaponry constructed by SCP-5053 is to be confiscated immediately upon discovery.

Description: SCP-5053 is a stick bug Phobaeticus kirbyi measuring 53 centimeters in length. The entity is bipedal when relaxed, although it has demonstrated the ability to utilize all six of its limbs for locomotion. SCP-5053 is capable of communication in English and displays human levels of intellect. The entity is capable of crafting tools and weapons from grass, wood and bone; however, it is either unwilling or unable to utilize man-made tools even when they have been proportioned to the entity's size. Due to the entity's size, weapons constructed by SCP-5053 pose a minimal safety risk to personnel.

SCP-5053 will dictate exposition about its time prior to containment when asked, although it will occasionally engage in conversation at random. The length of these encounters generally last between ten and fifteen minutes on average. There is a notable decrease in the amount of time SCP-5053 is willing to converse about an entity it refers to as a "Hashabor". Due to the aforementioned entity's potentially anomalous nature as described by SCP-5053, an investigation has been initiated. Barring its reluctance on this particular topic, SCP-5053 is generally amicable and cooperative with Foundation personnel.

SCP-5053 is extremely agile and capable of omnidirectional movement. It is also quite proficient in both sword-based and melee combat. The entity has previously displayed a desire to engage in combat with sentient life it considers formidable. (See Skills Demonstrations).

The following is a comprehensive list of entities SCP-5053 has claimed to have instigated combat with over the course of its life. Due to its limited scientific knowledge, the exact genus and species of the entities SCP-5053 have encountered is unknown. In italics is the name SCP-5053 gave when describing the entities, and the general identity of the entities has been extrapolated from SCP-5053's descriptions.

Interview 1
Detailed below is an audio recording of a conversation between SCP-5053 and Dr. Owen Andrews.

Skills Demonstrations

Due to SCP-5053's ability to craft weapons from various arboreal materials, a series of tests regarding the lethality of the weapons have been performed. SCP-5053 was placed within a standard insectoid mobile containment unit along with several various specimens. Due to the unethical nature of this experiment, further testing of SCP-5053's combative abilities has been suspended.

The following is an audio recording of a conversation between SCP-5053 and Dr. Owen Andrews. It should be noted that the entity engaged Dr. Andrews completely unprovoked.

Interview 2
Detailed below is an audio recording of a conversation between SCP-5053 and Dr. Owen Andrews.

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