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Item #: SCP-5051

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Investigation into the original purpose of SCP-5051 is to continue.

Description: SCP-5051 is a remote, concrete structure in Siberia of unknown purpose.

Externally, SCP-5051 is of similar construction style to Foundation provisional buildings of the 1950s. Internally, SCP-5051 possesses no abnormalities except for a former broom closet lined with containment-grade alloy blast shielding.

SCP-5051 appears on no Foundation lists, and no record exists of its construction or former staff. No identifying material remains, except for the words "SCP-5051" written on a sticky note on a door, and a broken Foundation ID reader at the door to the broom closet.

Entering the broom closet causes inconsistent memory loss, the instantaneous formation of burns on the head, and confusion. The broom closet is otherwise found to be empty.

Opening a damaged wall revealed a personal storage vault, which contained a personal Foundation-issue tablet.

The tablet appeared to contain no data; however, personnel affected by SCP-5051 claimed to see several files existing on the tablet, which they transcribed to the best of their ability.

Analysis of the tablet is ongoing.

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