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Item #: SCP-5050-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Under absolutely no circumstances is this object to be designated anything other than Explained. Any effects which might appear to be caused by SCP-5050-EX must be investigated fully to determine their true cause. Attempts to prematurely attribute anomalous effects to SCP-5050-EX will be met with discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Description: SCP-5050-EX is a 43 year old Hispanic male individual named James Garcia. SCP-5050-EX's primary occupation is as a stage magician/entertainer, and originally possessed no inherent anomalous qualities. However, due to the presence of SCP-5050-EX-1, SCP-5050-EX's typical stage routines have the byproduct of becoming anomalous ex post facto.

SCP-5050-EX-1 is a humanoid entity with an unknown capacity for reality bending and spontaneous anomaly generation. SCP-5050-EX-1 is not currently under Foundation containment, and has only been directly communicated with on one occasion. SCP-5050-EX-1 is believed to be the origin of SCP-5050’s anomalous interactions.

SCP-5050-EX's anomalous byproducts occur upon the conclusion of one of its stage magic routines. Initially, all routines and effects created by SCP-5050-EX are entirely non-anomalous, and can be replicated using mundane equipment or techniques. However, should any viewer of SCP-5050-EX's performance go 24 hours after the performance without learning how the effect was performed, SCP-5050-EX-1's influence causes all subsequent performances of the trick to become anomalous.

SCP-5050-EX has generally seemed unaware of SCP-5050-EX-1's presence, as well as the newly anomalous nature of its tricks following performance. It is not currently believed that SCP-5050-EX is acting in concert with SCP-5050-EX-1, and general research has focused on removing SCP-5050-EX-1's influence over SCP-5050-EX.

SCP-5050-EX Performance Log: The following is an abridged list of SCP-5050-EX performances, as well as explanations for how each trick was performed.

Name: The Amazing Rabbit out of a Hat!

Original Routine: SCP-5050-EX procures a rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) from a top hat.

Solution: None found. Routine was performed prior to Foundation intervention.

Outcome: The hat used in the routine possesses an anomalous portal to an unspecified dimension that is entirely populated by non-anomalous members of the Leporidae family. SCP-5050-EX can withdraw an unknown number of these creatures from the hat; the tested limit reached 129 specimens before testing was terminated due to safety concerns. All other users are unable to access this dimension.

Name: The Escaping Man!

Original Routine: SCP-5050-EX appears to be bound with a series of manacles, chains, and other restrictive equipment, before escaping from them within ten minutes after being bound.

Solution: None found. Routine was performed prior to Foundation intervention.

Outcome: SCP-5050-EX can no longer be restrained by any mundane restrictive tools such as handcuffs, manacles, or rope. Shortly after being bound with such equipment, SCP-5050-EX will appear to have removed them without the notice of any observers, even while under direct surveillance. Containment for SCP-5050-EX was upgraded to include non-physical constraints.

Name: The Magical Saw Trick!

Original Routine: A participant enters into a wooden box, and lays down with their head and feet visible to the audience. SCP-5050-EX proceeds to saw through the midsection of the box and create the illusion that the participant has been bisected, before "reattaching" the two halves.

Solution: Upon examination by Foundation staff, the box has a series of mirrors and removable sections that create the illusion of bisection. No anomalous effects were observed.

Name: The Bullet Catch!

Original Routine: An assistant loads a gun with a bullet in front of the audience. SCP-5050-EX stands behind a pane of glass, while blindfolded. The assistant then aims at SCP-5050-EX, and is seen to fire the gun, which results in a broken pane of glass. SCP-5050-EX then produces the "caught" bullet from its mouth, suggesting that SCP-5050-EX has caught the bullet.

Solution: Originally believed to have been conducted with a fake bullet and blank rounds, a late email from Assistant Researcher █████ ██████████ raised the possibility that the trick was in fact performed with a real bullet that was simply aimed away from SCP-5050-EX. This had the effect of introducing doubt to the explanation of SCP-5050-EX's routine, allowing for SCP-5050-EX-1's anomalous effect to activate.

Outcome: SCP-5050-EX is now impervious to small arms fire. Assistant Researcher █████ ██████████ was given an official reprimand and placed on two weeks of unpaid leave.

SCP-5050-EX-1 Interview Log: Researchers studying similar situations (notably, SCP-████, SCP-████, and multiple historical accounts) were able to raise the possibility of the existence of SCP-5050-EX-1 as the source of SCP-5050-EX's anomalous byproducts. Utilizing a Class A Esoteric Capture Chamber, researchers were able to isolate SCP-5050-EX-1 shortly after one of SCP-5050-EX's performances. Lead researcher Dr. Julio Marquez conducted an interview with the entity.

Begin video transcript. SCP-5050-EX-1 appears in the form of a male human, indeterminate racial origin, and between the ages of 20-30. SCP-5050-EX-1 is seen to visibly struggle against the confines of the Esoteric Capture Chamber.

Dr. Marquez: Good evening.

SCP-5050-EX-1: Oh, it's one of you. I wondered when you'd finally notice me.

Dr. Marquez: Indeed. One of the Moũsai, I presume.

SCP-5050-EX-1: Ahhh, a student of history! Charmed to meet you. Didn't know that any humans still knew of us.

Dr. Marquez: Some of us are lucky enough to have a job where it's our responsibility to know you. Let's cut to the chase-

SCP-5050-EX-1: Certainly. I'm busy too, you know.

Dr. Marquez: Why are you doing this? Why are you changing his performances? Don't you think that's a bit irresponsible?

SCP-5050-EX-1: Irresponsible? You wound me, sir. This is just an artist at work.

Dr. Marquez: You don't think his tricks are getting the wrong kind of attention?

SCP-5050-EX-1: A trick is something a whore does for money, doctor. This is art. And as your kind is fond of saying, all publicity is good publicity.

Dr. Marquez: Even if it harms people? You don't see how that saw trick could have gone wrong?

SCP-5050-EX-1: Ahhh, but art is meant to be dangerous, provocative, a bit exciting, you know? Where's the excitement without a little danger after all? The best art gets people's attention, and that is exactly what sweet James asked for.

Dr. Marquez: What do you mean?

SCP-5050-EX-1: You know, he prayed for help. He wanted to be a better magician; the kind who would make tricks that no one else could replicate. He didn't know who was out there listening, of course, but he got it.

Dr. Marquez: And so you gave him a hand.

SCP-5050-EX-1: How could I not? He was desperate, and so I did it at first for fun; why not see a mortal do something crazy? But somewhere along the line…it changed.

Dr. Marquez: Explain.

SCP-5050-EX-1: James is a true artist. He really dedicates himself to his craft. Is it his fault he was born mortal and mundane? I came to admire his work, his ethic, and his ingenuity. And then I started admiring…other things.

SCP-5050-EX-1 looks in the direction of SCP-5050-EX's containment chamber and sighs.

Dr. Marquez: Oh boy.

SCP-5050-EX-1: He wanted the attention and for people to notice him. Well they did. Maybe one day….he'll notice me back.

Following this, a structural failure occurred in the Esoteric Containment Chamber, at which point SCP-5050-EX-1 disappeared from sight. No further attempts to capture SCP-5050-EX-1 have succeeded.

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