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All files regarding SCP-5050 and SCP-5050-A are to be included with the documentation.

Some files and addenda are still being added to SCP-5050.

— Maria Jones, RAISA Director

Item #: SCP-5050 Level 4/5050
Object Class: Euclid Classified



Special Containment Procedures:

All personnel are forbidden within a 1500 meter radius from SCP-5050. Site-449 will take jurisdiction over containment of SCP-5050 and SCP-5050-A. The SCP-5050 signals are to be monitored at all times; any errant changes should be reported to the lead researcher immediately.

SCP-5050-A is to be monitored indirectly. Civilians are to be instructed to stay away from the location of SCP-5050 and SCP-5050-A and the road leading to them will be barricaded. Intruders are to be amnesticized. No overtly anachronistic technology is to be introduced to SCP-5050-A; incoming television and radio signals are to be monitored to this effect.

The Foundation database is to be checked bi-weekly for any unauthorized SCP-5050 behavior.



Radio propagation signals from SCP-5050.

SCP-5050 is a large radio tower in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian/German border, specifically the Mittenwald municipality in Germany and the Innsbruck-Land district of Austria. SCP-5050 constantly emits signals ranging from 2 kHz/kilohertz to 279 GHz/gigahertz1 over a large area, although the maximum effective range is estimated to be within a 1,374 meter radius of SCP-5050. The frequency range produced by SCP-5050 is so extreme as to be considered anomalous by the disruption of applied physics.

SCP-5050 also broadcasts television and audio signals as well as radio signals. These broadcasts can be occasionally intercepted by the Foundation; because the process requires a significant amount of time, the broadcasts usually do not last long enough to be fully intercepted. These media appear to be somewhat procedurally-generated.

The signal from SCP-5050 primarily affects the surrounding town of Drachen-Domane (designated SCP-5050-A). SCP-5050-A appears to be consisted of a mix of technology from the 1960s to the 1980s; the level of technological advancement in SCP-5050-A seems to be slowed. Its inhabitants appear to be affected easily by the signals, but no direct testing has been available to support this conclusion. Neither SCP-5050 nor SCP-5050-A have any historical construction records.


Spectrogram of a 21kHz frequency from SCP-5050. As of 08/1990, this has been the only decipherable frequency.

Item History:

SCP-5050 and SCP-5050-A were discovered in 1987, when SCP-5050's high-frequency signals are picked up and triangulated by Foundation satellites. Further surveillance of SCP-5050-A was approved and aerial reconnaissance was carried out. During the reconnaissance, the signals from SCP-5050 interfered with the control system of a Foundation plane and severely damaged it in the process. Due to the inability to get in close proximity to SCP-5050, a ground task force has been assigned to initiate first contact with SCP-5050-A (See Addendum 01.1 - Contact Proposal).


Foundation plane destroyed during aerial surveillance. Picture lifted from SCP-5050-A records.

Addendum 01: Initial Contact w/ SCP-5050

Addendum 02: Miscellaneous Reports

Addendum 03: Second Contact w/ SCP-5050

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