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Item#: 5048
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Figure-5048-A: SCP-5048 upon materialization in the Azalea and Rhododendron Park Kromlau, Germany on 20/06/20██.

Special Containment Procedures: Annually, on 17/06, MTF Iota-14 ("Run Forrest, Run") is tasked with the tracking and isolation of SCP-5048 upon materialization. Once located, areas containing SCP-5048 are to be cordoned off from the public via any means necessary. Any civilians witnessing materialization of SCP-5048 are to be amnesticized.

Instances of SCP-5048-1 are to be neutralized on-sight via incendiary firearms.

Under no circumstances are any persons to explore the chamber below SCP-5048. The key for the chamber is to be stored until further notice (See Addendum 5048-1).

Description: SCP-5048 is an anomaly occurring annually between 19/06 and 25/06, relative to the timezone of its area of manifestation. SCP-5048 materializes at random locations with suitably healthy forest ecosystems. When manifesting, SCP-5048 will take the form of a large archway comprised primarily from stone and wood species native to the area. A large, shallow lake of water will also form surrounding the base of SCP-5048. A wooden structure will manifest at the exact centre of the newly manifested water body. This structure is similar to a stalactite in structure. It additionally receives alterations annually that vary in significance. These alterations resemble human-like features and appendages. Currently developed features include a single leg without a foot, an arm, three ears and a nose, all of which protrude from the structure in random distribution. The function of this structure is currently undetermined. See Addendum 5048-1.

On 22/06, at approximately 1200 hours, SCP-5048-1 instances will appear in varying numbers. SCP-5048-1 instances are humanoid in structure and are composed entirely of inanimate matter. Noticeable features include scaled skin, elongated jaws with large teeth and small eyes. SCP-5048-1 autonomously produce various flora from the surrounding area from their person as a method of concealment. Despite developing the ability of cognitive speech in late stages of manifestation, SCP-5048-1 will only communicate via grunts and gutteral vocalizations. SCP-5048-1 instances will begin to aggressively bite and swipe at any mobile object attempting to approach the wooden structure at the centre of the pool of water formed by SCP-5048.

Upon manifestation, SCP-5048-1 instances will stand in circular formation surrounding the pool of water formed by SCP-5048, where they remain in place, guarding the wooden structure. Once local time reaches 0000 hours on 23/06, all SCP-5048-1 instances, excluding one, will approach the wooden structure in the center of SCP-5048. The one SCP-5048-1 instance shall exit the immediate area in search of a suitable subject. Remaining instances will then kneel before the structure while several root-like appendages protrude from their bodies. These are then wrapped around the wooden structure. Once achieved, a muted, green luminescence begins emanating from the structure, followed by all SCP-5048-1 instances uttering a prayer in Greek. A transcript of the prayer is attached below:

Raw Audio Transcript: Ω Γαία, Μητέρα όλων των πραγμάτων, παρακαλώ αποδεχτείτε τις προσφορές αυτής της όμορφης πεδιάδας, και μπορείτε να σηκωθείτε από την αιώνια ανάπαυσή σας, πιο ισχυρή από ποτέ, και να ανακτήσετε τη Γη από την Απάτη του Ανθρώπου.

English Translation: Oh Gaia, Mother of All Things, please accept the offerings of this beautiful plain, and may you rise from your eternal rest, more powerful than ever before, and reclaim the Earth from the Scum of Man.

SCP-5048-1 instances will repeat this chant for approximately two hours. Upon reaching 0200 hours on 23/06, the absent SCP-5048-1 instance returns with a human subject. Subject is carried towards the wooden structure in the centre of SCP-5048. The appendages of the surrounding SCP-5048-1 instances will increase in length, and will slowly coil around the subject, binding them to the structure. Once completed, the green luminescence surrounding SCP-5048 increases in brightness. SCP-5048-1 instances will then chant another prayer for an additional two hours, a transcript of which is attached below:

Raw Audio Transcript: Ω Γαία, Μητέρα όλων των πραγμάτων, παρακαλώ δεχτείτε αυτήν την άξια θυσία, ένα κομμάτι του αφρού που αμαυρώνει τις όμορφες πεδιάδες σας. Είθε να τα τρέφεις και να γίνεις πιο δυνατός και πιο δυνατός από ποτέ.

English Translation: Oh Gaia, Mother of All Things, please accept this worthy sacrifice, a fragment of the scum that tarnishes your beautiful plains. May you feed upon them, and may you become stronger and more powerful than they shall ever be.

After two hours, the light will fade, and subject will have vanished. Once the light has completely faded, a resonance can be heard, seemingly sourced from the wooden structure in the centre of SCP-5048. The SCP-5048-1 instances will retract the aforementioned appendages, stand and return to their previous positions, and will remain there until 25/06. SCP-5048 additionally undergoes alterations in its physical state during progression of the ritual. Once the aforementioned date is reached, SCP-5048 will dematerialize. Remaining SCP-5048-1 instances will then proceed to exit the area. SCP-5048-1 then undergo gradual decay, indicated by an increase in unpredictable/random behavior as well as a regression in cognitive abilities.

Following the conclusion of a ritual, SCP-5048 appears to acquire various physical augmentations, including changes in its appearance and durability. While the extant of SCP-5048's cognition properties is unknown, it is theorized to currently be in a state of dormancy. Whether the rituals committed by SCP-5048-1 are attempting to activate SCP-5048 is currently undetermined. See Addendum 5048-1.

Addendum 5048-1: During analysis of SCP-5048 led by Dr. Jonathen Windsor of MTF Iota-14, a key was recovered from the underside of the archway. The key itself has not yet exhibited any anomalous capabilities. The key bears a symbol of the Greek goddess Gaia (Γαῖα) and three studs protruding from its sides.

The following day, a keyhole was discovered on the wooden structure in the centre of SCP-5048. After inserting the key, a green glow eminated from within the keyhole. To the right of the structure, a trap door reportedly opened, presenting a spiral staircase. Two hours later, operatives of MTF Iota-14 descended the stairs.

Following the events of Expedition I14-5048-0917-0, Dr. Windsor fully recovered from his injuries. His arm has since been replaced by a prosthetic limb. Analysis of the substance reveals it to be highly acidic and organic in nature.

The following year, when SCP-5048 rematerialized, the wooden structure generated an additional arm, resembling the appendage lost by Dr. Windsor on Expedition I14-5048-0917-0.

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