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Item #: SCP-5046

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5046 is to be kept in a container in a secure storage locker at Site-90.

Description: SCP-5046 is a standard blue push pin or thumbtack of unknown make or brand. The head is made of plastic and has a hardened steel point. Despite the anomaly being made of non-anomalous materials, it has the ability to easily pierce objects that a non-anomalous pin would have difficulty or be unable to pierce. As of the most recent iteration of this article, the Foundation has not found any material anomalous or non-anomalous that SCP-5046 is unable to pierce.

Any object that is pierced by the anomaly becomes animated as if alive. Parts of the animated object, hereafter referred to as SCP-5046-1, will become capable of motion loosely mimicking the normal range of movement of a similarly shaped biological creature. This often results in SCP-5046-1 manipulating its form in ways that would normally be damaging for the object. Regardless of damage inflicted on SCP-5046-1, upon removal of SCP-5046 from SCP-5046-1's form it will return to its previous form with all damage repaired, including the damage caused by the application of SCP-5046 and damage inflicted on the object by external sources.

SCP-5046 was recovered from an abandoned warehouse belonging to a company called Konstantz on 06/12/2006, alongside a pamphlet presumably intended to advertise the product. See Addendum SCP-5046-1.

As of 10/25/2006, testing involving any living or once-living entities are no longer to be performed without signed permission from Head Researcher Arthur Perrin.


Test A - 06/22/2006

Subject: SCP-5046

Procedure: SCP-5046 is to be applied to a wooden, four legged chair.

Results: Approximately 5 seconds after SCP-5046 pierced the chair, the chair began to shudder and shake. The chair, referred to as SCP-5046-1 for the remainder of this test, then began to move in a manner reminiscent of a quadrupedal animal. It traveled around the room using the chair's legs to achieve motion, with the back of the chair twisted and tilted as if looking around the room.

D-90353 was sent in to remove SCP-5046 from SCP-5046-1. Upon spotting D-90353, SCP-5046-1 immediately resumed motion, heading towards D-90353 at a rapid gait and stopping upon reaching them. It proceeded to caress D-90353's leg with the back of the chair. D-90353 stated that this was a surprisingly soft and pleasant caress despite the hard wooden material of the chair.

D-90353 was instructed to remove SCP-5046 and did so. Upon removal of SCP-5046, SCP-5046-1 immediately returned to its shape prior to testing and became inanimate once more.

Analysis: SCP-5046-1 acted in a manner that implied curiosity in regards to its surroundings as well as endearment towards D-90353. Despite the chair's legs bending in a manner that should have caused damage to the material, upon removal of SCP-5046 the chair was in perfect condition. The chair is being held in a locked storage room alongside all future SCP-5046 test subjects until it can be proven that SCP-5046 has no lingering effects on objects.

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