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Item #: SCP-5045

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-5045's program icon.

Special Containment Procedures: Webcrawler XYY-76 has been created to search for any mention of select trigger phrases (example: "Goat VR" "Goat Game" "Farmer Game"), as well as any accounts with the name "farmer", and flag them for review. The flagged phrase will be manually reviewed for SCP-5045 influence and deleted when necessary.

A single copy of SCP-5045 is kept within Terminal 577-B within Site-301.

Description: SCP-5045 is a virtual reality game that is compatible with most virtual reality headsets titled "Goat VR." Before discovery, SCP-5045 could be downloaded at several websites dedicated to obscure games, as well as its own website.

SCP-5045 begins with a title screen with "GOAT VR" displayed in large neon green and purple text. Below the title is a button titled "play" which, when pressed, puts the player into a cartoonish 3D environment vaguely resembling that of a neon blue farmhouse surrounded by a black void. The ground is covered in a neon green grass texture, and bounded by a blue colored picket fence which surrounds the farmhouse. Travel beyond the fence is impossible, due to an invisible barrier blocking access.

Contained within a narrow space enclosed by the fence are several animate entities resembling goats, drawn in a similar style to the surroundings. These goats exhibit simple and repetitive behavior in which they walk unimpeded until reaching a barrier, in which case they will turn around and walk in a different direction. These goats are drawn in two dimensions, appearing as a flat shape. Despite their simple stylization, however, their movements appear smooth and uniquely generated, with no use of repeating frames or walk cycles. No content related to the goats has been found in the game's files.1


Graphic of SCP-5045-1 recovered from the website "www.goatvr.███".

Within the farmhouse is a crudely drawn humanoid entity, with slightly more visual detail than the goats, hereafter designated SCP-5045-1. SCP-5045-1 refers to itself as "Farmer" and displays a degree of sapience, often attempting communication with the player and responding to verbal questioning. Despite the absence of a microphone, SCP-5045-1 is capable of detecting and understanding the player's speech, as well as, to a limited degree, loud sounds nearby.

SCP-5045-1 employs various tactics to increase playtime during a given play session. Such tactics include the generation of visual effects in the corner of the player's field of view, bleating sounds emanating from beneath various surfaces, and requests to join him in an activity such as watching the goats together. When questioned about these tactics, SCP-5045-1 unilaterally denies their existence.

After a variable amount of time, SCP-5045-1 will vocalize to the player "Thanks for playing Goat VR!" before shutting the headset off, which continues to draw power until disconnected. Upon this happening, the player falls into an indefinite vegetative state.

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