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Item #: SCP-5043

Object Class: Safe


Various instances of SCP-5043, along with original packaging.

Special Containment Procedures: All available supplies of SCP-5043 are kept in a climate-controlled storage area at Site-120. Testing of SCP-5043 requires Level 4 authorization, and is to be conducted at a blast-proof testing chamber or an approved Foundation bomb range.

Description: SCP-5043 refers to a bottle of anomalous pharmaceutical tablets and various other small objects, labeled "dado's1 brainexplsoesenotsrsogsgsdgkpskplsdhpsd, …uh, the… do, the make the your brains have a blow splosion" [sic]. SCP-5043 is packaged in a mundane plastic vitamin bottle, which has been taped over with a crudely-drawn label.

Three seconds after consuming SCP-5043, the subject's head will explode at a force comparable to one (1) kilogram of TNT. Once this has occurred, the resultant viscera will display minor attraction towards the subject's torso, accelerating towards it at 0.03 m/s . If not restrained, the subject's viscera will eventually group together at the exposed neck and reform into a living, fully functioning head. The memories and personalities of subjects remain largely intact.

Subjects undergoing the effects of SCP-5043 have reported varied experiences. Of the 20 individuals tested so far, 7 have reported total unconsciousness. 5 have reported their sensory input and cognitive functions to be reduced commensurate to that of REM-sleep. 4 have reported the experience to be exhilarating, some having likened it to usage of narcotics. The remaining 4 have reported SCP-5043's effects as painful, confusing and/or frightening.

SCP-5043 contains a secondary, infohazardous anomaly. Subjects attempting to speak the words "dado's brain explosion" or a variety thereof, will momentarily trail off into nonsensical babble. This effect will only occur when used in reference to SCP-5043.

SCP-5043 was discovered on March 10th 2020, when it was delivered unnoticed to a Foundation front company in New York City. SCP-5043 was brought to Site-120 for testing and storage.

Addendum SCP-5043-1: Packaging of SCP-5043

While the packaging of SCP-5043 is itself non-anomalous, it was brought under scrutiny in an attempt to gauge more information about the individual known as "dado". The following points of interest were considered particularly noteworthy:

  • In addition to pharmaceutical tablets, the packaging also contained various vitamin tablets, candies, nonpareils, uncooked rice, allspice and paperclips, all displaying identical anomalous properties.
  • SCP-5043's bottle was originally for non-anomalous vitamin D supplements.
  • The bottle's label is affixed with consumer-grade masking tape.
  • The label's product information is written with a pencil. On the backside is a crudely-drawn insignia resembling an FDA approval stamp, made with a red crayon.
  • The label itself was originally a receipt for toast, lactose-free milk, chicken nuggets, margarine, grapes, hamster feed and two packets of AA batteries, bought at Walmart Macroplaza in Baja California, Mexico on 11/12/2019.
  • The adverse side of the label contains the phrases "dado's mind wipe", "mental break down by dado", "dado's mental break down" and "dado's brain splosion" written with a pen.
  • Attached to SCP-5043 was also a slightly crumpled letter, purportedly written by dado, stating that SCP-5043 is a 'test bach' [sic]. It also contains a lengthy, sporadic and likely exaggerated account of running a failing business, financial problems, political persecution and mental instability, eventually trailing off into non-sequitur descriptions of various currently-airing TV shows. Due to extremely low legibility, the contents of said letter have not been transcribed.
  • Neither SCP-5043 nor any recovered supplementary material contains fingerprints or DNA.
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