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Item #: SCP-5040-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-5040-J are to be contained at Site-129. SCP-5040-J-1 specimens are to be housed on the east side of the Site, and SCP-5040-J-2 specimens are to be housed on the west side. Minimal cost is to be expended in containing and feeding all specimens of SCP-5040-J, but it is of utmost importance that two groups be kept separated.

Although isolated populations of SCP-5040-J are widespread in developed countries, their tendency to accidentally trap themselves in small invisible boxes should make them quite easy to remand into containment en masse. Major Mimes-1 through -28 are to be the primary targets for containment.

Researcher's Note: Well, we were wrong about THAT. Major Mime-11 has been lost, and with him nearly the entire North American supply of white gloves and black berets.

Description: SCP-5040-J is an abnormal extant subspecies of late-modern hominid, likely descended from Central European haplotypes. Specimens exhibit a gracile body type, dark hair, and extremely pale skin coloration with odd black markings on the face. All specimens are mute, communicating with an unnervingly fluid manner of body language that has yet to be translated. The reason for their silence continues to elude Foundation research.

Specimens of SCP-5040-J possess telekinetic abilities which are present from adolescence. These manifest as the willful creation of seemingly invisible objects with which only SCP-5040-J can interact. Typical instances of these objects take the forms of ropes, weights, and gusts of wind. SCP-5040-J display a high degree of control over the creation of their objects. On rare occasions, their abilities turn against them, causing them to become stuck behind invisible walls or inside of invisible boxes.

Culturally, SCP-5040-J has divided into two major gangs, each comprised of over 3000 members worldwide. SCP-5040-J-1, "the Zigs," wear garments designed with black stripes on white, while SCP-5040-J-2, "the Zags," wear clothing covered with white stripes on black. While it is apparent that the objects they create are unable to affect normal matter, members of each gang frequently use their telekinetic abilities to injure and kill members of the other gang in petty disputes. The most common areas of conflict between SCP-5040-J-1 and SCP-5040-J-2 revolve around street corner territory, available females, and valuable resources such as gloves and berets that remain scarce in a post-Mime-11 world.

Addendum: What follows is the transcript of a crudely taped video address given by a delegate from SCP-5040-J-1 to Foundation personnel.

(SCP-5040-J-1-M salutes with an odd hand gesture.)
SCP-5040-J-1-M: ...!
(He begins pacing, stroking his beard.)
SCP-5040-J-1-M: .... .. .... ..... ........
(He swivels on his left foot and turns the other way.)
SCP-5040-J-1-M: ........ ............. ........ ..... .. ......... .. ........? ... .......... ... ........ ..... ... ......!
(He faces the camera and pounds his fist into his palm.)
SCP-5040-J-1-M: ............ ... ......... .... .—
(He stops suddenly, looks up, and then cowers from something unknown above him that appears to be drawing closer.)
SCP-5040-J-1-M: ....! .......! .................!
(SCP-5040-J-1-M is squashed flat by a large invisible weight.)
(A specimen of SCP-5040-J-2 peers in from off screen and covers his mouth as though laughing.)
(Tape ends.)

Addendum: The Foundation has begun an "F♯ Nordic-sememe"-class campaign to raise subliminal public awareness about the threat that an extended SCP-5040-J gang war would pose to humanity at large and all that is good and not annoyingly creepy.

Researcher's Note: SCP-5040-J is nothing to worry about. It's probably mimetic or something.

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