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SCP-5033 prior to a detonation.

Item #: SCP-5033

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5033 is to be contained within a large flame-resistant animal containment cell at the Biological Containment Wing of Site-432. The cell is to be outfitted with multiple stress-reducing amenities, including but not limited to the following:

  • A stereo system playing slow, classical music
  • An automatic feeding system stocked with hay, sticks, and twigs
  • Stacked blocks and plastic balls for climbing

Upon the detection of a 5033-IGUSHA event, a sleeping gas is to be administered to the cell. If necessary, SCP-5033 is to be sheared at this time.

A safe testing area is currently under construction, as SCP-5033 is suspected of having additional anomalous abilities.

Description: SCP-5033 is a Valais Blacknose sheep1.

When stressed, SCP-5033 will go into a 5033-IGUSHA event. During a 5033-IGUSHA event, SCP-5033 will detonate with an energy equivalent to that of a kilogram of TNT every ten seconds. Notably, SCP-5033 is unaffected by the force generated by these detonations. The detonations are also not a stressor to SCP-5033. Upon significant relaxation, the 5033-IGUSHA event will then conclude.

Discovery: SCP-5033 was discovered in the Valais region of Switzerland after a number of reports concerning multiple explosions in the mountains. MTF Zeta-35 ("Mountain Goats") was dispatched to the location, at which SCP-5033 was contained through the use of a tranquilizer.

Near SCP-5033 was a charred human corpse carrying a rifle, later identified as Helmut Hammerschmidt, who was associated with a poaching organization dedicated to the hunting of potentially anomalous animals.

A notepad was discovered on Hammerschmidt's body, which contained data tracking certain animals and reports. The following entries were legible:

Schmid's getting closer and closer to his so-called 'big discovery,' and everyone is on his dick about it. He hasn't even revealed anything yet, I bet that fucker doesn't even have anything, just like all the other fakes. They're all just here for attention.

But I'm gonna be going out to the mountains tomorrow. People have been talking about some interesting things up there, and my rifle's itching for some action.

I'll show him what a real 'big discovery' is. Can't wait to see the look on his face.

I hate climbing. All this goddamn equipment is heavy as hell.

Every time I feel like giving up, I think about Schmid. About his dirty smirk. About everyone congratulating him. About how I can't let that happen.

And I keep going. Fuck him.

The target is in my sights. A little sheep. It reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

It's eating sticks. Are animals supposed to eat sticks? Maybe it acts as fuel for its… powers? Still not sure what it does.

I'm gonna watch it for a bit. See if it does anything interesting. My camera is set up to track it.

It's been a few hours, and I can't get Schmid out of my mind. Fucking asshole.

I shot at the sheep. A warning shot. It started fucking exploding.

I've struck gold. I bet it'll wipe Schmid's grin right off his face.

Just gotta shoot this thing dead. It's a shame, it's actually pretty cute. Maybe I can get it stuffed as a little trophy.

The bullets aren't doing anything. I've shot it five fucking times. I think it's invincible to bullets.

I should get backup. But also… I don't want to go back. I bet Schmid would make fun of me for being a coward, or something idiotic like that.

I'm gonna stab it. It only explodes every ten seconds, and the range isn't that far… I might be able to get up close and kill it.

Then I'll come back with its corpse, and I'll be a hero. I'm so close…

I can't fucking wait.

Despite multiple bullet shells littering the ground and other evidence that Hammerschmidt had been firing at SCP-5033, no bullet wounds were found on the entity. Investigation into the poaching organization, as well as SCP-5033's suspected invulnerability to harm caused by hostile actions, is ongoing.

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