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Item #: SCP-5031-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5031-J is to be contained in airtight Iron Cell no. 345 in Bio-Site 59. The structure must be inspected for imperfections on a bi-weekly basis. No other interaction necessary.

Description: SCP-5031-J is yet another creature that literally just goes around killing people and not much else1, measuring 2.5 meters in height. Its body structure is humanoid and unnaturally elongated, with disproportionately long limbs and fingers ending in sharp, claw-like appendages. The entity's skin is a pale gray color, with irregular patches of darkened tissue.

SCP-5031-J lacks a nose, mouth, eyes, and redeeming qualities, having no discernable facial features. Despite this, it frequently produces shriek-like vocalizations. Unlike other, cooler anomalies, the entity's primary method of attack involves using its sharp appendages in order to maim its victims by literally just ripping their face off.2

Additional testing was deemed necessary to assess if SCP-5031-J exhibits any alternative methods of attack or noteworthy abilities beyond standard face-ripping, such as the ability to perform a cool skateboard trick after the fact, but no such potential has been found.

Addendum: SCP-5031-J was first discovered in suburban neighborhood after having recently ripped the face off 6 people. A 911 call detailing the entity was intercepted by the Telecommunication Monitoring Department which alerted the Foundation to its underwhelming existence. Despite efforts from Foundation investigation teams, its origin is a mystery, with the possibility of an intriguing backstory for SCP-5031-J remaining uncertain as of yet.

[5031-J-1: Discovery Log TMO Transcript - 911 call.]

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