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Sample document produced by an Alpha-5030 subject. It has been determined that this fragment does not possess anomalous properties, making it safe to read.

Item #: SCP-5030

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Security personnel at the Site-34 have been instructed to report any mention of SCP-5030. Those responsible for these referrals should be interviewed by staff members participating in the project, and either inoculated with a specific countermeasure or treated with Class C or G amnestics depending on their level of proximity to the initial vector and severity of the infection. After treatment, subjects should be observed for a minimum of 60 days.

Surveillance bot ORWELL-4 will search continuously the internal informatics network of the Foundation for mentions of and references about SCP-5030, eliminating them once they've been automatically registered for further analysis. Additionally, authors of these references should be treated as described in the previous paragraph.

As a preventive measure against the effects associated with SCP-5030, the staff members at Site-34 are to be inoculated with the memetic agent ES-5030-M ("Urban Legend"). It is estimated that by the end of July 2019 over 97% of the staff members will be inoculated with this agent, which could lead to total prevention of the effects associated with the anomaly.

Description: SCP-5030 is a memetic phenomenon that has only been observed to affect employees of the Foundation. This phenomenon is characterized both by the induction of anomalous memories in those affected and by retroactive alteration of the local personnel databases, making them consistent with what was indicated by those affected, regardless of whether this alteration contradicts data in the public domain or information described in other registration systems.

Subjects affected by SCP-5030 refer to Junior Researcher Andrés Bolívar and his actions during a Containment Breach event on 21/12/2018 at Site-34. Even if there is a certain level of divergence in the details, the accounts tend to agree in their general aspects, even among subjects who have not had direct communication or contact with each other.

Inspections of the registry systems from unaffected sectors of Site-34, as well as of external registry systems and the ARCA (Anomalous Contingency Rescue Archive), have made it possible to conclude that Junior Researcher Bolívar is not a current or historic staff member and no events described by SCP-5030 affected personnel occurred at any Foundation Site during December 2018.

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