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Item#: 5028
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5028 has been implanted with a tracking chip and is currently residing in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 77. Due to good behavior and cooperation with Foundation personnel, SCP-5028 is allowed access to basic Foundation facilities and amenities with the condition that he be accompanied by atleast one Foundation personnel. However, access to anything that would result in a breach of safety or classified protocol is prohibited. In the case of SCP-5028 turning on the Foundation and attempting escape, the staff accompanying SCP-5028 are equipped with tranquilizers containing diazepam. Should SCP-5028 use any magicks without proper authorization, these tranquilizers are to be used immediately.

Close up of SCP-5028.

Description: SCP-5028 is the designation given to a Type Blue sapient Procyon lotor grinnelli, colloquially referred to as a "Baja California Raccoon." SCP-5028 appeared via a spontaneous dimensional gateway into Site-77's mess hall on 01/02/20 at 12:00 p.m. Site 77's emergency protocols immediately went into effect, closing off all exits and windows. Foundation personnel then attempted capture of SCP-5028 and quickly came under fire from explosion magicks performed by SCP-5028 via usage of a small wooden staff. Although there were no fatalities, over twenty personnel received 2nd degree burns, lacerations, and bruising from the explosions produced by SCP-5028 before its subsequent capture.

On its person, the following items were catalogued and placed into Foundation storage:

1. Set of robes, made of out common wool and cloth.
2. One wooden staff made out of a sturdy unknown type of wood.
3. One set of manacles that SCP-5028 was wearing.
4. One note that read as follows:

Greetings, dwellers of another world! If you perchance found this note, you most likely are already acquainted with the individual with whom it came with. By order of His Grace, Emperor Henrik V of Empria, Farlo Hilldark has been expelled from this reality after being convicted of high treason and inciting rebellion. You are free to do whatever you wish with him, so long as it does not include his return.

- Darvo Selivar, Councillor to His Highness.

Shortly after its detainment, it became apparent that SCP-5028 was fully sapient and capable of rational thinking. This being the case, a interview was conducted with SCP-5028 a day later.

Addendum 5028.1: MTF Psi-7 Trial Run

The proposal for SCP-5028 to participate on a series of missions with MTF Psi-7 was accepted by the O5 Council with a 11-2 vote. The first mission SCP-5028 is scheduled to take part in will be on 01/25/20.

Addendum 5028.2: MTF Psi-7 Employment

To date, SCP-5028 has conducted ten missions alongside MTF Psi-7. Not only have casualties on missions including MTF Psi-7 heavily decreased, but performance has increased due to the added firepower of SCP-5028. By order of the O5 Council with a 13-0 vote, SCP-5028 has been made a fully fledged member of MTF Psi-7 and assigned the code-name, "Azeban." With this change in status, SCP-5028 is allowed usage of more Foundation amenities and facilities.

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