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The front cover of SCP-5026's DVD case.

Item #: SCP-5026

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5026 is to be stored inside of a standard Anomalous Item storage locker at Site-76 at all times. As of 02/13/2003, all future experiments involving SCP-5026 are to be suspended until further notice.

Description: SCP-5026 is a narrative-driven motion picture of undetermined length whose protagonist's physical appearance and personality mimic that of its current viewer, and whose plot structure shapes around its current viewer's personal experiences and collective identity. At some point during SCP-5026's screening, its current viewer will become severely amnesic, losing all knowledge regarding the object's existence, along with all knowledge regarding their own personal history and identity.

SCP-5026 is contained on a standard capacity DVD, and according to its cover sheet, was released as direct-to-video media under the title of Find Me by the YourStories production company sometime in 2001. Despite this, no records of the company’s existence, outside of the DVD itself, have been verified.1 A marketing blurb located on the back of the DVD cover claims the object to be "the first movie ever created where you are the protagonist," with its description points recommending solo viewing experiences exclusively. The back cover also lists SCP-5026's production staff, including its director, who is credited as Alan Smithee.2

In all documented cases, SCP-5026 can only be activated by a first-time viewer, and only when that viewer is completely alone. The presence of more than one viewer, a previous SCP-5026 viewer, and/or any type of technological recording device before SCP-5026's activation will result in SCP-5026's lack of activation entirely. This phenomenon also extends to any viewer or recording device that enters a viewable/audible proximity of SCP-5026 at any point during the actual screening of the object, as the screening will be automatically stopped and the object's properties will immediately manifest in its original viewer. (See Experiment D-49913)


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