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Interior of SCP-5024. Photograph taken by a now-nameless Agent during exploration.

Item #: SCP-5024

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the extradimensional location of SCP-5024, and the temporary nature of its access points, physical containment is not possible. All efforts are to instead be focused on discovering a consistent method of entering SCP-5024, as well as preventing potential victims from accessing one of its temporary entrances.

As part of these preliminary containment procedures, Mobile Task Force Sampi-6 (“Imaginary Numbers”) are authorized to work alongside pre-approved members of GoI-α-019 (“The Serpent’s Hand”).

These procedures are awaiting update following neutralization.

Description: SCP-5024 is an extradimensional infovorous entity which targets members of the thaumaturgical community. Due to being located outside of the standard existential paradigm, SCP-5024 can only be accessed specifically through the Rosen-Fortune Bridges1 that it specifically hijacks. Ordinarily, these Rosen-Fortune Bridges transport the user to a range of different locations following the execution of a certain set of actions, but once a hijacked Bridge is activated the user is taken immediately to the interior of SCP-5024. No pattern has yet been discerned as to which Bridges are hijacked at any given time, and the length of time a Bridge is hijacked seems to be similarly random.

Physically, SCP-5024 is an abandoned building of uncertain size primarily composed of stone and wood. The interior of SCP-5024 superficially resembles an enormous library; however, all shelves present are empty and any books recovered have been found to be full of blank pages. No exterior to the building has yet been identified, as all windows present have only shown a black void outside even when other parts of SCP-5024 should logically be visible. SCP-5024 cannot be exited using the Bridge that the victim took to get there, but other methods of instantaneous transportation have proven effective.

Extended exposure to the interior of SCP-5024 will result in gradual informative digestion. This will begin with the loss of surface details, such as the name of the victim and recent memories, but gradually progress until it is impossible for the victim to be identified as extant by others or themselves2.

While ordinarily information loss as a result of this process will only affect the direct victim, this is not the case if said victim either possesses or is a primary source for another piece of information of greater nutritional value3. In these cases, SCP-5024 will use the victim as a direct link to said piece of information, which is erased from all records following consumption, including human memory.


Believed to be a photograph of Charles Dupuis taken in 1875.

Note that while all records of information consumed in this way are erased, other forms of evidence will still remain, confirming that no actual changes to prior events take place.

As the nature of SCP-5024 means that it exclusively targets the users of Rosen-Fortune Bridges, the Foundation was unaware of its existence until members of GoI-α-019 (“The Serpent’s Hand”) reached out and provided documentation of its existence alongside a request for assistance.

Addendum 5024-1 (Archived Documentation)

The following is an excerpt from a letter believed to be have been sent by the original creator of SCP-5024, French occultist Charles Dupuis, to an as-of-yet unidentified individual. It is believed that, at some point, all information pertaining to Charles Dupuis was consumed by SCP-5024; however, the records sent to the Foundation survived due to their storage in an anti-dimensional archive4.

My comrade in the pursuit of truth,

I find myself agreeing with you more and more when I watch the masses mill about the Wanderer's Library. It is a true shame what that den of learning has fallen to. When knowledge is put into the hands of those unqualified to properly use it, what can it yield but disaster? It is troubling in the extreme.

With this in mind, and with your suggestions in our last meeting, I have been thinking about how I can best help the cause on. It cannot be helped now that the Library is abandoned - the well of knowledge there is poisoned by unworthy hands. But as a schematic the value of that place cannot be denied.

The Wanderer's Library is of course now worthless, but must another Library be the same? Surely if we but craft a similar space, set it to stock its shelves by its own will, we could achieve a resource of equal worth in but a short time.

I've set upon the preparations already. When next we meet, I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

Charles Dupuis

Additional resources sent by GoI-α-019 included numerous thaumaturgical blueprints for the creation of a self-maintaining extradimensional space, as well as a list of previously hijacked Rosen-Fortune Bridges.

Upon analysis of this information, and a consensus among Command staff that the continued existence of SCP-5024 posed an unacceptable threat to historical consistency, the order to neutralize SCP-5024 was approved. In order to receive more intelligence to expedite this task, cooperation with the members of GoI-α-019 who had sent the information was approved.

Due to their existing familiarity with the occult community and prior experience with thaumaturgical threats, this mission was assigned to Mobile Task Force Sampi-6 (“Imaginary Numbers”).

Addendum 2 (Negotiation Log)

On 03/02/2020, in order to share information and negotiate cooperation, members of MTF Sampi-6 met with members of GoI-α-019 at the Ecap alled Èffac in Rome, a space adjacent to the Caffè della Pace.

Attending Individuals (MTF Sampi-6) Attending Individuals (GoI-α-019)
MTF Sampi-6-1, Michael Flammia. Commander of MTF-Sampi-6 with prior experience with a range of occultist groups due to activities during youth. PoI-2232 ("JACK"), reality bending entity of unknown capabilities. Wanted under various names for a number of petty crimes worldwide. Inconsistent appearance, generally appears as a young male with bright red hair.
MTF Sampi-6-2, Sarah Locke. Expert in transportation techniques from a range of thaumaturgic disciplines. Primarily responsible for extracting MTF Sampi-6 from a location when the need arises. PoI-2233 ("The Bride"), believed inter-dimensional traveler. Although outwardly human, it is believed her psychology and inner biology are significantly different.
MTF Sampi-6-3, Abiola Buhle. Trained in primarily offensive thaumaturgy, including Pythagorean dissasembly and a number of Gygax-derived attack techniques. Responsible for neutralization of threats not vulnerable to conventional combat. PoI-2234 ("Red-832"), one of many replica homunculi of PoI-299 ("Red"). Upon creation, was assigned to mastery of Athenian combat pyromancy. Bald, red-skinned humanoid.
MTF Sampi-6-4, Tyra Jansson. Trained in a range of divination techniques including geomancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, chiromancy and spatulamancy. Responsible for reconnaissance in the field. PoI-2235 ("Joe Smith"), amateur thaumaturgist who is believed to have initially wandered through a Rosen-Fortune Bridge by accident. Intelligence suggests they are employed as a mathematics teacher and are a father of two. Middle-aged man with glasses and a mustache.

<Begin Log>

(All parties present take their seats.)

Flammia: It's a nice place you have here.

JACK: Isn't it just? Latin does her work well.

Flammia: I imagine you don't have to wait in line here, either.

JACK: (laughs) That is a benefit, yes. It's too bad we won't be able to come here anymore.

Flammia: Why's that?

Red-832: Because once we're done here, you Jailors5 will descend on this place like vultures.

The Bride: (unintelligible)

JACK: Well, maybe not in so many words, but that is a concern.


Joe Smith: Boy, this is some good coffee!


Flammia: I understand. Locke?

Locke: Right. (clears throat) In exchange for your cooperation in this matter, the Foundation is willing to offer further leniency to venues like this, where normalcy is not impacted.

Red-832: Are you reading that off of something?

Locke: I'm not, no.

Buhle: She just has it memorized. (laughs) Was reading it to herself the whole way here!

Jansson: (chuckles)

Locke: A little bit of professionalism, please, if it isn't too difficult.


JACK: Leniency. That's a, uh, that's a tricksy word. I should know, I use them a lot. Exactly how, ah, how lenient are you going to be?

Flammia: We won't interfere at all unless the public starts to notice you.

JACK: How generous.

The Bride: (unintelligible)

JACK: Yes, yes, I'll ask. I'm afraid quite a few members of our little - well, I can't really call it an organization - are in your custody. I don't suppose they could walk free?


Flammia: That would depend on who you're talking about.

JACK: Neo-Odin?

Flammia: Absolutely not.

JACK: (shrugs) Ah, didn't think so. Hate the guy anyway.

Joe Smith: Which one is he?

Red-832: The robot.

Joe Smith: Oh. Oh. I didn't like him either - he was a real bad apple.

Locke: If we could get back on topic. Due to your familiarity with SCP-5024 -

(JACK sits up and points at Locke.)

JACK: Ooh! Ooh! Did you hear that? They've given it a number! That's so official!

The Bride: (unintelligible)

(Pause. JACK sits back down.)

JACK: (clears throat) Ah, please continue.


Locke: Due to your familiarity with SCP-5024, the Foundation would like to enlist your cooperation in a joint mission to enter the anomaly in question and neutralize it.

Red-832: How?

Buhle: Oh, we've got a way. Don't you worry.

Jansson: Mm.

Red-832: Which is?

Flammia: You'll have access to that information once we have you on board. Security reasons.


JACK: Before we agree, I have a question.

Flammia: Of course.

JACK: We're technically Foundation employees for a little bit if we agree to this, right? Do we get a code-name? What's our code-name going to be?


JACK: That's a yes, by the way.

<End Log>

Addendum 3 (Neutralization Log)

The following is a record of the actions taken by MTF Sampi-6 ("Imaginary Numbers") and members of GoI-α-019 on 27/02/2020 in order to neutralize SCP-5024. Upon initial entry into SCP-5024, the group was equipped with the following assets:

  • Layered informative defenses. These were created via the conversion of a significant amount of junk data, such as duplicate maintenance records and minutes of non-vital meetings, into a conceptual barrier surrounding each member of MTF Sampi-6. Similar defenses were created for the members of GoI-α-019. These were constructed on the premise that SCP-5024 would have to digest the massive amount of junk data before it could begin directly consuming information related to the individuals themselves.
  • Ten pre-written disassembly theorems capable of reducing a human-sized threat to atoms. As these require understanding of the mathematic principles involved to use, these were put into the possession of MTF Sampi-6-3.
  • Eight magic word squares designed according to the Abramelinal discipline, inscribed with terms allowing for instantaneous transportation out of SCP-5024. One magic word square was placed into the possession of each member of MTF Sampi-6 and the individuals from GoI-α-019.
  • Materials allowing on-site divination by MTF Sampi-6-4. Divination prior to the mission indicated an acceptable chance of success.
  • A sealed container holding a toxiphrase created through precise manipulation of existing terms. Consumption of the toxiphrase by SCP-5024 would result in a negative reaction that would destabilize it and cause its metaphysical collapse.

Entry into SCP-5024 was performed through application of Morris dancing at the entrance of the Rosen-Fortune Bridge.

<Begin Log>

(All individuals present are transported to a large room in SCP-5024. The room represents the main hall of a library, save for the lack of any books on the shelves. The only source of light is from lamps present on each of the four large tables in the room.)

(JACK takes a step into the room, swinging his arms and laughing.)

JACK: I have to say, you guys have some moves.

Flammia: Sound off.

Locke: Roger, sir.

Buhle: Roger.

Jansson: Mm-hmm.


Joe Smith: Ah, uh, should I be doing that?

Red-832: If you want to, I suppose.

The Bride: (unintelligible)

(Mobile Task Force Sampi-6 fan out throughout the room, pointing their weapons in front of them.)

Flammia: JACK?

JACK: Yes, my liege?

Flammia: We need to apply the toxiphrase right at the heart of its thing, to make sure it circulates. The information it's eating from our defenses - can you tell where it's going?

JACK: Well, I'm a man of stories myself, so it shouldn't be too difficult. (He licks his finger and holds it up into the air.) Hm … that-a-way. (He points out into an adjoining hallway.)

Flammia: Right. Move in!

(The group moves into the hallway, with Flammia and Locke at the front and Buhle and Jansson at the back. The members of GoI-α-019 march between them.)

JACK: This place is really so very interesting. Invisible roots sucking up the information, dragging it kicking and screaming through hallways like veins … which, of course, implies the existence of a heart. I'm really having a good time, you guys.

Joe Smith: Um, ah, JACK?

JACK: Yes, my erstwhile comrade?

Joe Smith: I'm just thinking … ah, how much good am I going to do here? I mean - I have to pick my kids up by three, so…

(Locke turns to look at them.)

Locke: We were told you were combat-ready.

JACK: That he is, that he is! Don't you worry your little heads! (quietly, to Joe Smith) It's fine, don't worry about it. I'll see ya right, bud.

(JACK suddenly stops.)

JACK: Something's coming.

(The group suddenly stops, and the members of MTF Sampi-6 aim their weapons in the direction JACK is looking. Around the corner, something can be heard dragging itself across the floor.)

Buhle: This place was empty every other time we got somebody in. Every single time.

JACK: You weren't trying to kill it every other time.

(A misshapen, wet hand appears from around the corner and the owner of the hand uses it to drag itself into view. The technical specifications of the Model M Ford shamble around the corner, clicking and gurgling. It reaches out with its other hand.)

Buhle: (rubbing eyes) The hell am I looking at?

Red-832: Lumps of loose information. This place is smashing them together and sending them after us.

Flammia: You're looking at the enemy, Buhle. Eyes straight.

(The technical specifications of the Model M Ford leap at the group, screaming. All members of MTF Sampi-6 fire upon the specifications, and they fall down to the ground, leaking a dark green liquid.)

JACK: I don't think this will be as simple as you expected.

Flammia: Murphy's law, my friend. Murphy's law. Best to expect this sort of thing.

Locke: Bullets work, at least.

The Bride: (unintelligible)

JACK: No, not yet. (looks up) There are more.

(Jansson presses a button on her collar, and it emits a high-pitched screech. All parties present turn in their direction. On the side of the hallway she is facing, the name, date of birth and childhood memories of Jakob Holt are charging forward, shivering heavily and laughing.)

Flammia: Fire!

(All members of MTF Sampi-6 fire upon the attackers, but they are considerably more resistant to bullets and take several seconds to go down. At the same time, the wall to the side of them bursts inwards and the executive order of William Henry Harrison begins forcing its massive body through the gap with two of its grasping limbs.)

Buhle: Fuck me!

(Red-832 retrieves a candle from their jacket pocket, lights it, and waves a hand. The flame instantly disappears from the candle and the executive order of William Henry Harrison bursts into flame instead, being reduced to ash in the space of a few seconds. A moment later, the candle in Red-832's hand also decomposes into ash.)

(Further enemies - at least ten - are visible entering the hallway behind the corpses of Jakob Holt's name, date of birth and childhood memories.)

Flammia: They're going to keep coming so long as we're here. JACK, lead the way. We need to kill this thing and get out of here as soon as possible.

JACK: Roger, roger!

(JACK begins moving down the opposite end of the hallway, with the rest of the group following after him. Buhle and Jansson provide covering fire as the group moves.)

(Steven Spielberg's E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears charges down the hallway towards JACK on two massive arms, roaring.)

(JACK spits out what appears to be a seed of some description and drops it onto the ground. Immediately, a plant of considerable size bursts out of the ground and its vines converge around E.T. II, gripping and crushing it. It falls to the ground, dead.)

(Classic of Music and The Seventh Universe of the Prophet Hieralias burst out from E.T. II's corpse. The Seventh Universe of the Prophet Hieralias is easily dispatched via gunfire, but Classic of Music is covered in armored plates which make it considerably more durable.)

Flammia: (shouting) Locke, switch with Buhle!

(Locke does so. As Buhle moves up, he retrieves a theorem from his pack and begins reading from it as Classic of Music charges forward, raising its scythe-like arms. As Buhle completes the theorem, Classic of Music pauses and, a second later, is reduced to a fine mist.)

Buhle: How long is this goddamn hallway?!

Jansson: (Nods.)

Joe Smith: Aw, jeez … I don't feel so good…

Locke: Everyone just cover me for a second!

(As Locke begins setting up a holographic thaumaturgic circle, the group cover her. As JACK dispatches Love's Labour's Won with an ax which has suddenly appeared in his hands, a tendril resembling an eel lashes out from beneath the Bride's veil and rips off one of the heads of The Magic Harp.)

(A moment later, the circle appears around the group and a corresponding barrier is erected around its border. The various entities are unable to breach it, and beat against it with their limbs.)

Locke: (to Flammia) Forwards or backwards?

Flammia: Forwards. Nothing has changed.

JACK: I just really want to take a moment and let everyone know how much I'm enjoying myself. Are you enjoying yourselves, too?

Joe Smith: (vomits)

(Locke places her hand in the center of the circle and the area the barrier covers, including the section of floor they are standing on, begins surging down the hallway at extremely high speeds. Within the space of a few seconds the barrier becomes opaque as a result of splattered fluids from the numerous entities it is colliding with.)

Locke: Two more seconds!

(The movement stops, and a second later the barrier disappears. The gathered fluid collapses onto the group. All present members of MTF Sampi-6 wipe their visors clean. Numerous tendrils emerge from the Bride's veil and lick the fluid off her clothing.)

Joe Smith: (vomits again)

Red-832: That's foul.

Jansson: Mm.

Flammia: It was that or dying. Eyes up.

(The group are now in a large chamber with numerous other hallways terminating at various openings in the walls and ceiling. The room is lined with empty shelves, and strings of light are visible flowing from the shelves to an object hovering in the middle of the room.)

JACK: (quietly) The information's clearer here. Strawberry flavored.

(The object in the center of the room resembles a massive human heart composed of wood and stone, with the impressions of constantly changing words running along its surface. As the strings of lights enter the object through numerous holes along its surface, a loud chewing sound can be heard.)

Flammia: There's our target.

Buhle: Theorem, boss?

Flammia: Bigger than a human, Buhle. Not our first resort, at the very least. See if the toxiphrase works first.

(The group steps towards the heart, which flails and screams in a deep human voice.)

Heart: The boiling point of lemonade is 100 degrees Celsius! The House of Hapsburg is believed by the public to have died out in the 18th Century! Walt Disney was born on the fifth of December, 1901! I! I! I!

(A gap opens in the ceiling and the location of The Lost Army of Cambyses begins pouring through the hole, snarling with its multitude of heads and mouths. It lashes out with a tentacle and tears off the Bride's left arm. She does not visibly react, save for a slight rustling beneath her veil.)

Heart: I! I! I!

(The group fires on the location of The Lost Army of Cambyses as it fully enters the chamber using one of its spindly, pointed limbs. Red-832 assaults it with several bursts of blue flame using his candles, but the fires go out shortly after making contact with the enemy. In addition, JACK creates another plant in an attempt to force the enemy back into the hole, but it is of insufficient durability and is torn apart by the location's advance.)

Heart: I! I! I! My kingdom! My home! My brain!

Locke: We need to extract, sir! We're not equipped for this!

(Armored plating begins to cover the location of The Lost Army of Cambyses' hide, rendering gunfire ineffectual. It roars.)

(JACK turns to Joe Smith.)

JACK: Joseph, I would absolutely love it if you'd show me that party trick again.

Joe Smith: Well, ah, jeez, are you sure this is the time, bud?!

JACK: (bows theatrically) Absolutely. Take it away, my friend!

(As the enemy fully enters the chamber, it falls down to the ground and takes a defensive position in front of the heart.)

(Joe Smith takes a step forward, retrieving a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and smoothing it over.)

Joe Smith: Now, ah, if I remember the words right, I'm supposed to say -

(The enemy lunges forward at him.)

Joe Smith: Rhyx Mianeth6?

(A bright red light engulfs the chamber, and the location of the Lost Army is sent flying backwards into the wall, where it collapses into a quivering mass.)

(An entity which is simultaneously a swarm of human-faced locusts and a fully nude headless human male of abnormal size7 is standing in front of Joe Smith. A moment later, it charges towards the mass on the other side of the room and begins physically tearing it apart with its jaws and/or hands.)

(The chamber, as well as the extradimensional space, are collapsing, as chunks of wood and stone fall from the ceiling and the floor breaks apart, revealing a black void beneath.)

(The heart screams loudly, shifting in appearance to resemble the face of Charles Dupuis. It gnashes its teeth and flails wildly as the chamber continues to collapse.)

Heart: Mine! Mine! Mine!

Locke: It's over. We're extracting!

Red-832: No, this place will just reform if we leave it! We need to finish the job.


Flammia: You lot extract. I'll finish the job here.

JACK: (stepping forward) Well, ah, forgive me if I'm out of turn - which I usually am, haha - but it seems that as a denizen of the Library, it'd be good form for me to finish this piece of Library business, eh?


Flammia: I see where you're coming from, friend. But the Garden is the Serpent's place.


JACK: (sighs) Ah. Thought I recognized you. Good luck to you, then.

(All members of MTF Sampi-6, save for Flammia, and all members of GoI-α-019 evacuate through use of magic word squares. Jansson lingers for a moment prior to evacuating.)

Heart: My kingdom! My brain! My will! Mine!

(Sealed container in hand, Flammia runs towards the heart, dodging out of the way of numerous chunks of rock and informative entities that fall from above.)

Heart: Mine!

(He rolls out of the way of a strike from the heart's tongue and leaps over a growing hole in the floor. Reaching the other side, he grabs onto the heart by the eyelid with one hand, while the other holds the sealed container. The heart screeches in pain.)

Heart: Thieves! Commoners! Parasites!

Flammia: Oi!

(The heart pauses its ranting and its pupils shift to stare directly at Flammia. The sealed container opens.)

Flammia: [DATA EXPUNGED], dickhead.

(Video lost.)

<End Log>

The destruction of the SCP-5024 extradimensional space was confirmed immediately after. As the consequences of existing outside a specific universe are variable and inconsistent, Michael Flammia has been declared missing in action pending confirmation of his status.

Addendum 4 (Further Exchange with GoI-α-019)

Although the members of GoI-α-019 left the area with haste shortly following their emergence from SCP-5024, the Foundation received further communication from them a week later in the form of several objects that appeared within Site-22.

These objects consisted of:

  • A coiled-together eel which regenerates any physical damage within the span of several seconds. Tentatively designated SCP-████.
  • A candle which, when lit, does not go out without direct interference on the part of the one who lit it. Tentatively designated SCP-████.
  • A small, spider-like creature which cures any physical condition affecting the bowels within its range. Tentatively designated SCP-████.
  • A genetically normal dairy cow.

They were accompanied by the following note:

We really do appreciate everything you've done, but some of our comrades don't seem to look on our little 'alliance' so happily, so it's best we don't meet face-to-face again. Still, we had fun.

Don't you worry, though. We'll find your boy.


Attempts to trace the current location of PoI-2232 ("JACK") and his subordinates have proven unsuccessful.

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