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Special Containment Procedures: All activities and buildings related to the storage, creation, or use of landmines, plastic explosives weighing less than two kilograms, and other small conventional explosives (Including, but not limited to; Tannerite, Thermite, Semtex) are to be monitored by the SCP Foundation for SCP-5023 events. If an event is confirmed to have happened or is currently ongoing, Mobile Task Force Sigma-301 ("Rainy Day") should be deployed to the location to protect bystanders, provide emergency services, and disarm any active explosives if possible.

Description: SCP-5023 is a phenomenon that occurs when 6 or more humans are within 100 meters of a large supply of explosives, causing all subjects to engage in an extremely dangerous game of "Ultimate Frisbee." No participants will be harmed during the proceedings, but structures and objects will be damaged or destroyed as normal.

The events that occur during an SCP-5023 event are consistent across all documented cases and are presented below.

  1. Personnel will stop working and begin to talk amongst themselves, even if doing so is potentially dangerous.
  2. A man with a tank top and muscular build1 and a woman with a lacerated and bleeding foot2 will approach the subjects and ask if they would like to play Ultimate Frisbee. Despite the odd appearance of the two entities, most subjects will agree.3
  3. SCP-5023-B will begin to explain the rules to the subjects while SCP-5023-A will begin to clear an area and shape the explosives by hand. SCP-5023-B will then offer the subjects a wrist band in the colors red or blue.4
  4. The game will commence and be played until the supply of explosives is depleted.

Participants are largely immune to physical damage during the game, believed to be a by-product of the bracelet. Attempts to recover a bracelet for testing have failed. Both SCP-5023-A and -B have evaded Foundation capture but provided a single interview in 2012.

Attempts to take SCP-5023-A and SCP-5023-B into custody are ongoing. Property damages caused by both entities exceeds 36 billion dollars.

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