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Item #: SCP-5021

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5021 is to be kept in a standard containment locker, accessible to researchers with level 3 clearance at request. SCP-5021-1 instances are to be supervised for no less than four hours. As a result of the events described in Incident Report 5021.2, SCP-5021-2 is considered to be neutralized. Containment is no longer necessary.

Description: SCP-5021 is a chewing gum product named "Long Arm Stretch". Each package bears no images or text save for the product name, and contains eight sticks of gum. The Foundation is currently in possession of 43 packs of SCP-5021.

When SCP-5021 is chewed for approximately 30 seconds, the individual (designated SCP-5021-1) is capable of extending their arm at exponential speeds by vocalizing the product's name. This effect can be activated within four hours of first chewing the gum. The affected arm is capable of breaking through walls and other barriers if allowed to build enough speed, though this is difficult to achieve outside of a test environment.

The affected arm will travel in the direction the subject's wrist is pointing when the activating phrase is spoken, stopping when it reaches a surface that cannot be penetrated or otherwise destroyed. If the subject's arm is not held straight prior to vocalization (e.g. subject's wrist or elbow is bent.) it will forcibly straighten before extending. SCP-5021-1 instances cannot change the direction of their arm during this time. The subject will then 'reel in' to the point the affected limb has reached.

SCP-5021-1 instances experience no discomfort during this period, and are incapable of perceiving pain, though describe an 'exhilarating, whooshing sensation'.

Recovery Log:
SCP-5021 was recovered on 06/11/2018 after the Foundation intercepted online livestream footage of SCP-5021-2. Footage showed SCP-5021-2 2:37 AM in Mid Glamorgan, Wales, under the effects of SCP-5021, with the affected limb extending an unknown distance upwards. SCP-5021-2 is visibly distressed during this process, vocalising frantically and unable to move.

Foundation operatives positioned nearby attempted to take SCP-5021-2 into custody, but were obstructed by SCP-5021-2's arm. Field Agent Jones made a decision to amputate the affected limb using an angle grinder from a nearby construction site, allowing SCP-5021-2 to move freely. Notably, once the arm had been severed, it continued to accelerate, reaching Mach 1 and creating a sonic boom several minutes after, travelling beyond the view of Foundation satellites.

SCP-5021-2 cooperated with their relocation, and was reportedly grateful to Field Agent Jones for severing their limb. The amputation of the subject's arm was observed to heal at a rapidly accelerated rate during recovery.

Eyewitnesses were taken in for routine interviews and amnestication, during which the vendor of SCP-5021 was discovered. All footage of the incident has been scrubbed from the internet, and a cover story about an ARG has been spread in relevant areas. The individual responsible for recording the livestream has yet to be located by Foundation personnel.

The vendor of SCP-5021 claimed it came with their ordinary shipment, and that they hadn't considered them particularly noteworthy. Further investigation is ongoing.

Interview Log 5021-2.1a

Interviewed: SCP-5021-2

Interviewer: Dr. Lennox

Foreword: SCP-5021-2 has spent the night in Foundation custody and has responded positively to an interview request.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Lennox: Good morning SCP-5021-2. How are you feeling?

SCP-5021-2: I've had better days, not going to lie. It's proper weird, this.

Dr. Lennox: Yes, I can appreciate that. You've shown an admirable amount of patience, I'm sure you have a lot of questions.

SCP-5021-2: I do yeah, but after talking to the lads who took me in yesterday I don't imagine I'll be getting many answers.

Dr. Lennox: I'm afraid you're right. In fact, we have a few questions for you about SCP-5021.

SCP-5021-2: Honestly, ask away. The sooner everything goes back to normal, the better.

Dr. Lennox: How did you first come across SCP-5021?

SCP-5021-2: Me and the boys were out on the piss, so I don't remember all of it properly.

Dr. Lennox: Even a rough idea would help, don't worry.

SCP-5021-2: Gazza starts shouting about needing to pick up cigars, cos he's switching from cigarettes, see. So we head down to Dai's shop; only place in walking distance that sells cigars-

Dr. Lennox: And this is where you discover SCP-5021?

SCP-5021-2: It is, yeah. I saw it on the shelf near the cash and it looked so sketchy I couldn't help myself. I says to Dai 'how much is this, boss?' he says 'two pounds' I says-

Dr. Lennox: I get the picture, SCP-5021-2, thank you. Do you remember the events prior to…the incident?

SCP-5021-2: One of the boys dared me to try this backyard, homemade gum and I'm absolutely steaming so I do it right away. It tastes alright, nothing to write home about, but I remember at some point in the evening Gazza is trying to steal the gum off me, and I'm holding it above my head, because he's only little, and I say 'you can't have my…'

SCP-5021-2 trails off and sighs

SCP-5021-2: Then I said the name on the packet, and here we are. I'd rather not say it again, just in case.

Dr. Lennox: That's understandable. I just have one more question, if that's alright.

SCP-5021-2 nods

Dr. Lennox: Have you experienced any other ill effects since the separation of your arm?

SCP-5021-2: Oh you're on about the phantom limb feelings, are you?

Dr. Lennox: You're experiencing phantom limb sensations? Go on.

SCP-5021-2: Yeah, it feels like it's stuck in a fist, and it's bloody freezing. Constantly freezing.

Dr. Lennox: That will be all for today SCP-5021-2, you've been extremely helpful. We'll be in touch.

SCP-5021-2: So when do you reckon I'm getting out, then? I've got tickets to see Cardiff City next week.

Dr. Lennox: We'll keep you informed. Thank you, SCP-5021-2.
<End Log>

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