Item#: 5018
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5018 is contained within an air-gapped computer terminal in Site 15. This terminal is physically secured with non-electronic locks and is to remain unpowered outside of authorized testing. Site 15 AI THEIA is to monitor all Foundation networks for suspicious activity fitting SCP-5018's electronic pattern. If discovered, MTF Kappa-10 ("Skynet") and MTF Rho-9 ("Technical Support") are to be deployed immediately to isolate and purge all instances of SCP-5018.

Description: SCP-5018 is an advanced self-replicating malware capable of releasing reinforced magnetic containment locks1 connected to the Foundation network. Analysis of the MCL's indicates that their magnetic field had been disrupted2, causing a subsequent repulsion to occur. How SCP-5018 exhibits this ability, and the entity which created the program is still under investigation.3

SCP-5018's execution command initiates once it confirms the presence of specific parameters in the affected system. The execution of the code triggers the manifestation of SCP-5018-1 within 5 meters of the terminal.

SCP-5018-1 is an indistinct humanoid figure that can only be observed through digitized media and de-manifests when SCP-5018's running code is terminated. Although all attempts at verbal communication with SCP-5018-1 have been unsuccessful, it has been observed to acknowledge others around it through the use of exaggerated body language.4

SCP-5018 was discovered on 9/15/████ on the Foundation's network. Probes scanning for its digital signature detected that the malware was spread over 74% of the Foundation network. Of the detected instances, only approximately 10% of them had been executed, with 8% activating in high-security level sites. How SCP-5018 gained access into the Foundation network is under investigation. MTF Rho-9 has been tasked with its removal.

Addendum 5018-1

Incident Report ID #: 5018-A1

Summary: On 07/19/████, Site 119 initiated a 119/B/Coldsilver Lockdown Response Code following containment breaches of six Large Scale Aggressors, four Non-Terminable Threats, and five other extradimensional anomalous threats. O4 approved the detonation of Site 119's nuclear warhead one hour and thirty-four minutes after the Lockdown Response Code was initiated. Site 68 received a backup of files, sent by Director David Bold, 26 minutes after the destruction of Site 119. Included in the backup was one folder of encrypted files and one image taken after the detonation. Following the incident, MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") was dispatched to establish a perimeter around the affected area.

MTF ε-11 was unable to locate any threats after Site 119's detonation. However, MTF ε-11 reported sightings of 5 unidentified individuals 3 days following Site 119's destruction. MTF ε-11's attempt to apprehend the individuals were unsuccessful5. MTF ε-11 was immediately relieved by MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") and sent to Site 68 for medical treatment and debriefing. 6 weeks after the detonation, MTF Omicron-2 ("Nuclear Nomads") was sent to investigate the remains of Site 119.

MTF o-2 discovered 15 compromised MCLs in the remains of Site 119. This incident is recorded as the first insertion point of SCP-5018 into the Foundation's network infrastructure.

Addendum 5018-2

Date: 04/03/████

Experiment Number : 5018-A

Protocol: SCP-5018 runs on a standard computer terminal.

Results: SCP-5018 remained dormant for approximately one hour before replicating. Replication continued as a background task for 30 minutes until SCP-5018's code self-terminated. 20 replicates were later discovered in a hidden file.6 The terminal was powered off to prevent the spread of these replicates.

Experiment Number : 5018-B

Protocol: SCP-5018 runs on a standard computer terminal connected to a MCL.7

Results: SCP-5018-1 manifests within the chamber, and is detected by camera feed of the chamber. Researchers within the chamber cannot observe SCP-5018-1, however, SCP-5018-1 acknowledges their presence by shaking its fists at them, then begins to hover over the MCL.

After 1 minute, SCP-5018-1 de-manifests and the MCL is opened. Results are similar to the MCLs in Site 119. A function was later detected running as background process.

Experiment Number : 5018-C

Protocol: SCP-5018 runs on a standard computer terminal connected to a motorized lock.

Results: SCP-5018 was unable to access the mechanism. It then proceeded to replicate as observed in Experiment 5018-A. Computer terminal was powered off.

Five redundant logs have been removed

Addendum 5018-3

On 03/24/████ Site 71 reported a containment breach of 2 LSA's and 1 NTT following an experiment involving SCP-5018 at Site 15. The containment breach was later contained by MTF Rho-9 and resulted in 6 casualties. MTF Rho-9 discovered an activated sequence of SCP-5018 before the incident, which has been included in SCP-5018's documents.

struct group_info init_groups = { .usage = MAGNET_INIT(4) }:

struct group_info *groups_alloc(int dimensiontrans){

group info *group_info;

int nblocks;

int i;

nblock = (magsetpol + NGROUPS_PER_BLOCK - 1) / NGROUPS_PER BLOCK;

/* Establish points of contact for the entire quadrants, not just a portion. Keep intentional files within encrypted folders. Make sure we don't forget password. Type it all as one word, look for Access phrases. /*

nblocks = nblocks ? : 1;

group_info = ketrcont(sizeof(*group_info) + nblocks*sizeof(gid_t *), PSWRD_PHRASE = FALL;

if (!group_info)

return NULL;

This segment has been concluded to control how SCP-5018 terminates power to an electromagnet once it detects a viable MCL. Investigations are ongoing as to the other properties that this computer script exhibits, as well as how this instance was initiated at Site 71.

On 03/26/████, after receiving reports of unauthorized experimentation, Site Director Norva removed Researcher Argost from any projects relating to SCP-5018. An investigation of Researcher Argosts experimentation revealed that he was in possession of an encrypted file. Foundation webcrawlers are currently decrypting the file, however no information has been gathered. Researcher McKay has become the new lead researcher for SCP-5018 until otherwise specified.




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