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Item#: 5017
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Item #: SCP-5017

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5017 is to be housed at Site-71, which is disguised as a logging operation south of Lake Merwin in Washington. At least 12 members of an armed security detail are to be posted at all times, four of whom should be outside scouting the perimeter and eight of whom should be inside observing SCP-5017, with at least two people directly observing SCP-5017 at all times. Any staff members on-site observing strange behavior must be detained immediately.

Description: SCP-5017 is a large opal geode standing roughly 3 meters tall and 1.8 meters wide. The exterior of the geode is engraved with approximately one thousand different inscriptions of an ancient language using the Beith-luis-nin alphabet.1 All attempts to translate the oghams2 have not found any coherent sentences or phrases carved onto the geode. The geode emits a dull hum of around 6 decibels and 120 Hertz, described by most observers as a relaxing sound. It is currently theorized that SCP-5017 allows for some form of teleportation of an indeterminant distance.

SCP-5017 was discovered during a joint Foundation-Unusual Incidents Unit search for Person of Interest #305, commonly known as D.B. Cooper. SCP-5017 was discovered at the end of a trail from Cooper's deployed parachute 6 kilometers south. Alongside SCP-5017 was a briefcase containing USD 200,000. The briefcase was collected by an Unusual Incidents Unit agent after it was determined it had not been affected with any anomalous properties. Site-71 was immediately established to contain the object and to determine the location of PoI-305. PoI-305 is considered incredibly dangerous and an enemy of the Foundation and his capture and interrogation is a top Foundation priority. As PoI-305 has a history of posing as a Foundation employee, all employees are required to report any employee with similarities to PoI-305 who displays unusual behavior. Please read the Person of Interest file for PoI-305 for more information.

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