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Threat Level: Undetermined


SCP-5012-1 through -24 c. December 1923. Fiorenza Marcelli is positioned 9th from the left.


A section of SCP-5012.

Special Containment Procedures: [pending]

Legacy Containment Procedures: SCP-5012 is the legal property of Fitzwilliam Agriculture, a Foundation front company. Standard anti-trespassing measures have been implemented, as appropriate for low-risk projects.

SCP-5012 is to be maintained as standard for the Cerasus subgenus, including regular harvests of SCP-5012-A for the purposes of study and experimentation. Personnel are advised to ignore SCP-5012-#.

SCP-5012-B is effectively self-contained.

Description: SCP-5012 is an orchard of trees of the Cerasus subgenus1 located in the Italian province of South Tyrol, formerly the site of the Casadua Amphitheater. The trees that constitute SCP-5012 are in a continuous cycle of flowering and fruiting, irrespective of soil and meteorological conditions. SCP-5012 has not been observed to experience senescence.2

During their fruiting phases, the trees of SCP-5012 produce SCP-5012-A, a psychotropic variation of sweet cherry. SCP-5012-A is otherwise nutritionally and gustatorially identical to Prunus avium3 fruits that have been pitted and sweetened.

Ingestion of SCP-5012-A induces vivid hallucination in subjects, along with synaesthesia, disorientation, and mild euphoria. Following exposure, subjects experience a strong compulsion to document their experience through written medium. While the nature of such hallucinations varies between usage, most appear to be associated with SCP-5012-#.

SCP-5012-#, individually designated SCP-5012-1 through -24, are a collective of humanoids resembling the former Golgotha Memorial Orchestra4 sans lead cellist Fiorenza Marcelli. Each instance of SCP-5012-# is integrated into the trunks of one or more trees. Instances of SCP-5012-# do not age or decompose.

SCP-5012-B is an entity or collective confined to SCP-5012. No first-hand accounts of SCP-5012-B's appearance or behavior have been documented; however, SCP-5012-B appears to be a frequent consumer of SCP-5012-A, with enough personal knowledge of SCP-5012-# to dedicate its writings to specific instances.5


According to archival records, SCP-5012 has always been known to the Foundation, having been documented immediately following its inception on January 1st, 1924. The author of its documentation is unknown, but is presumed to have been Dr. Kain Crow, given his background in botany and ecology.

Similarly, containment measures were enacted immediately following the documentation of SCP-5012, leading to an unacceptable expenditure of resources. No incidents, breaches, or experiments were reported on-site until 26/05/1956, when all personnel present within SCP-5012 suffered an acute nauseous reaction, then fainted.

Following Incident-5012-A, RAISA auditors immediately flagged the SCP-5012 project as both inactive and over budget. SCP-5012's containment procedures were scaled back to their current iteration after an emergency HLCL Supervisor meeting.

Due to the presently unknown circumstances of the Golgotha Memorial Orchestra's disappearance, as well as the nature of artefacts recovered from the residences of its members, further investigation into the events of January 1st, 1924 has been authorized by Foundation Overwatch.

The ultimate fate of Fiorenza Marcelli is presently unknown.

ADDENDUM 5012-008

On 18/06/1959, Foundation Overwatch cleared SCP-5012 for experimentation following an extensive budgeting audit. Experimentation was overseen by Dr. Cecil Goss, assisted by Researchers Rebecca Ciavarella and Piero Bertoldi. The SCP-5012 project was subsequently allocated lab equipment and two D-Class personnel.


Unpicked instances of SCP-5012-A.

Initial experiments conformed to SCP-5012's initial documentation; however, due to the research personnels' unfamiliarity with members of the Golgotha Memorial Orchestra, identifying the foci of SCP-5012-A induced hallucinations proved difficult. Experimentation subsequently shifted from the study of SCP-5012-A to that of SCP-5012-#.

Skin and hair samples from SCP-5012-# confirmed that such instances were biologically human in composition. Furthermore, instances of SCP-5012-# possessed functional circulatory systems filled with a substance chemically similar to cherry jam. Approximately 450 ml of SCP-5012-# "blood" was extracted and stored in a vacuum flask, then refrigerated in the communal kitchen.6

On 04/07/1959, Researcher Bertoldi reported hearing a loud noise from the kitchen. Though reportedly empty upon arrival, Researcher Bertoldi noted that the flask of "blood" had been removed from the refrigerator and spilled across the floor. Although Dr. Goss's fingerprints were found on the flask, Dr. Goss himself was nowhere to be found.

Dr. Goss was officially declared missing on 05/07/1959.

To: Director Ciavarella
From: Dr. Bertoldi
Date: 19/11/1959

5012-B has been fairly active as of recent, as you probably heard, but if you haven't been briefed yet: we think something's changed.

Normally, 5012-A produces some form of "art", be that poetry, symphonies, etc. We're still getting some of that, sure, but recently we've been seeing an uptick in shorter messages, one or two sentences at most; moreover, most simply denote either a specific 5012-# or an instrument they played. Sure, it could be experimentation, but most of the other produce had some kind of narrative theme to tie them down.

Realistically, this shouldn't affect the containment project, but keep an eye on buyers. The Cardiff Accord funds a quarter of 77's projects.


On 01/10/1961, Officer Craxi reported a malnourished humanoid wandering through SCP-5012 in a state of apparent delirium. Capture was authorized, under the assumption that Officer Craxi had spotted SCP-5012-B; the entity wept upon detainment, but did not resist.

A preliminary physical of SCP-5012-B revealed the following:

  • SCP-5012-B is a biologically human male of European descent, most probably in its late 40s. No inherently anomalous properties have been recorded.
  • SCP-5012-B's third and fifth toes on its left foot, as well as the entirety of its right leg below the shin, had been mangled in a past incident, replaced with finely-crafted wooden prostheses.
  • SCP-5012-B's vocal cords are heavily damaged, rendering it essentially mute.
  • SCP-5012-B's fingerprints are identical to those of Dr. Cecil Goss.

Upon capture, SCP-5012-B wore a tattered set of black scrubs7, as well as a backpack containing a 37-page notebook, several broken pencils, and a hastily-drawn diagram of unclear purpose. SCP-5012-B further produced an ID Card for Dr. Goss upon interrogation; as Dr. Goss's card was set to expire on 01/01/1960, SCP-5012-B's identity has not been presently verified.

During interrogation, SCP-5012-B requested a typewriter with which to document its experiences.

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