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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5010 is to be contained in a Special Residential Unit (SRU) that has been constructed on Foundation owned scrubland 1.5 kilometres to the northeast of Site-2211. No more than 3 individuals are permitted to be within the vicinity of this SRU simultaneously, unless under the direction of a senior researcher. SCP-5010 is not to be provided with any device capable of communication beyond the confines of its SRU.

SCP-5010 requires no sustenance, but is permitted such if requested. To support its mental wellbeing, it is to be supplied with puzzle books, crosswords, and novels at regular intervals.


SCP-5010 resembles a white-haired female of approximately 1.6 meters height. It appears to be between the ages of 75 and 85, although current evidence suggests that it does not experience physical aging. It identifies itself as a Miss Eleanor Mabel, a retired schoolteacher from England who, until its containment, was engaged upon a round-the-world trip to visit its various family members.


A photograph of SCP-5010 found in the possession of several 5010-B instances

SCP-5010 has no visible anus, nipples or genitalia. Medical analysis has determined that it possesses a stomach cavity, but lacks any intestines, kidneys or bladder. It is not believed to require any form of nourishment, but expresses an enjoyment of certain foodstuffs, particularly scones, crumpets, and Earl Grey tea. It has not been found to produce any waste products other than carbon dioxide.

SCP-5010’s primary anomalous effect (hereafter designated as 5010-A events) occurs at apparently random intervals while SCP-5010 is within the vicinity of at least 4 other individuals. Update 19/01/2020-001: Following Incident 5010-A-1, the hypothesised criteria for the activation of 5010-A events have been expanded. It is now known that 5010-A events can pre-emptively occur in locations that SCP-5010 is traveling towards2. Testing has also ascertained that 5010-A events can occur in the locality of individuals who SCP-5010 is in contact with via either verbal or written correspondence. Further tests to identify the exact trigger conditions for 5010-A events are ongoing.

During a 5010-A event, one or more individuals will be murdered by an initially unknown assailant. In the majority of cases, only a small number of people (usually between 3 and 8) will have had the means or motive to kill the deceased, although exceptions to this have found. SCP-5010 will then proceed to investigate the deaths, ingratiating themselves with witnesses and swiftly discovering relevant clues.

If law enforcement officers or professional investigators encroach upon a 5010-A event, they will typically become uncharacteristically sloppy and disorganised in their work. This has included missing obvious pieces of evidence, making arrests on extremely weak premises that would not merit a conviction in court, and dismissing witness testimony that does not fit with their initial supposition of events as false or “crazy”. Nevertheless, they usually display a begrudging affection towards SCP-5010, providing it with largely unfettered access to crime scenes and investigation notes, and allowing it to be present during suspect interrogations3.

In all documented cases of 5010-A events, SCP-5010 has been instrumental in identifying the perpetrator of the crime. It will either produce entirely conclusive evidence as to the identity of the murderer, or the culprit will provide a full confession of guilt when confronted with SCP-5010’s suspicions4.

While investigating known 5010-A events, Foundation agents have also discovered 56 individuals who claim that SCP-5010 is their aunt (hereafter designated as 5010-B instances). In every case, the parent of the 5010-B instance who is purportedly a sibling of SCP-5010 is already deceased. All 5010-B instances are able to recount vivid memories of SCP-5010’s involvement in their childhood and early life, and several recall having it stay with their family for a number of years. Furthermore, all family records of 5010-B instances, and all relevant local census date, support their accounts of their familial relationship with SCP-5010.

However, no two 5010-B instances have been found to share a familial relationship with one another. SCP-5010’s inclusion in their various family trees is entirely independent and contradictory. The memories of many 5010-B instances are also contradictory, providing widely differing accounts of SCP-5010’s whereabouts during the same time periods.

Each 5010-B instance so far identified has been a primary suspect in at least one 5010-A event. None have ever been found responsible for a murder.


SCP-5010 was first brought to the attention of the Foundation on 17/07/2019 by law enforcement database trawler “Copper Nitrate”. It flagged up that an Eleanor Mabel had been listed as a Person of Interest in 34 apparently unconnected homicide investigations in England over the course of 8 years.

Further research has determined that SCP-5010 has been involved in at least 264 murder cases across 27 countries, with the earliest so far detected taking place in Oxfordshire, England, on 30/09/1984. All police documents, witness statements, and photographic records of SCP-5010 appear to indicate that it has not biologically aged in that time.

Addendum 5010-1 – Supplementary Interview Logs:

Addendum 5010-2 – Incident 5010-A-1:

On 15/01/2020, SCP-5010 was recovered by Foundation agents and brought to Site-57 for initial analysis and containment. While SCP-5010 was in transit towards the Site, SCP-████ was discovered dead in its containment cell, hanging from a crude noose made from its own stockings. At the time, based on all available evidence, it was believed that 5010-A events could only be triggered when SCP-5010 came into direct contact with at least 4 individuals simultaneously. As such, no connection was initially made between the apparent suicide of SCP-████ and SCP-5010’s presence at the Site.

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