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Typical environment affected by SCP-5007 activity. This particular area has experienced ██ incidents since current containment procedures went into effect.


Map of SCP-5007's area of activity highlighted in blue.

Item #: SCP-5007

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5007-S1 is to be contained in Cell-5007-A, a 20 x 60 metre cylindrical containment chamber within Site 40-R. Cell-5007-A is constructed of reinforced concrete and ballistic glass 25cm thick. No nutrition or outside substances may be introduced into Cell-5007-A outside of testing.

Site 40-R has been constructed 200m from SCP-5007-A for the purpose of monitoring the site for the emergence of SCP-5007 instances from SCP-5007-B. Site 40-R Is to be equipped with aerial and aquatic rescue equipment alongside meteorological instruments. All parts of Site 40-R are to be covered in netting to protect staff from instances of SCP-5007. Upon confirmation of an instance of SCP-5007 emerging from SCP-5007-B, staff are to use meteorological data and predictive software to track the instance and predict where it will make landfall. Once a destination has been established, the area is to be evacuated and civilians instructed to remain indoors with the pretence of gas leak, storms, or viral outbreak. Aerial and seaborne traffic is also to be re-routed so that they may not approach closer than 10km from the instance's projected flight path. No aircraft or watercraft are to be permitted within 10km of Site-40-R or SCP-5007-A and shall be re-routed upon approach.

In the event of a failed evacuation procedure, teams dispatched from Site 40-R are to make efforts to minimize the number of abductions via small arms fire and hiding of civilians. All witnesses of these events are to be administered Class-B Amnestics and the abductions are to be explained by drowning, non-anomalous abduction or truancy. Any individuals abducted by SCP-5007 are to be considered lost and may be terminated at staff discretion. Witness statements issued prior to Foundation involvement are to be discredited via SCP plants within UFO conspiracy groups and organizations, fabrication of death certificates, and amnestics.

Any personnel conducting research on SCP-5007-A must not remain still for longer than 40 minutes, and any items left on its surface for longer than 2 hours are to be considered lost. All personnel conducting research on SCP-5007-A are to be fitted with fast retrieval harnesses fitted to an offshore vessel. In the event of attack by SCP-5007 the vessel is to winch the staff to the vessel and return to Site 40-R until it is deemed safe to return. No research may be conducted without the presence of a fire team, and under no circumstances are any staff to enter SCP-5007-B. No attempt to rescue individuals abducted by SCP-5007, shipwreck survivors, or plane crash survivors deposited onto SCP-5007-A is to be made, though remote termination is permitted with Level 3 oversight.

Following Expedition 5007-19-S a reinforced concrete and steel containment seal measuring 44m in diameter and 6m thick was constructed and fitted over SCP-5007-B in order to permanently seal it.

Following Incident 5007-40-R-12, SCP-5007-B is not to be covered or sealed under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-5007 is the collective designation of malicious, partially-humanoid entities that maintain a territory across the Bass Strait, the area of ocean that divides Tasmania and the Australian mainland, and are responsible for a string of disappearances within this range.

The morphology of SCP-5007 often varies. Universally, SCP-5007 are composed of groups of between 2 and 9 human bodies fused together amidst large clusters of black tentacles. These tentacles appear to have lengths varying between approximately 2 and 70 metres, and appear fused to the skin where they touch directly. Of note are the stomachs of SCP-5007, which are grossly distorted and swollen to sizes approaching 15 to 20 metres in diameter. SCP-5007 instances are capable of passive flight, attaining buoyancy through enormous quantities of gases produced within their stomachs; across the surface of these organs most specimens develop clusters of simple eyes and bioluminescent organs. Many of their humanoid components appear to have been removed and reattached at seemingly random points.

Encounters with SCP-5007 have been known since at least 1858, with the first successful visual recordings accomplished in late 1982 when an instance of SCP-5007 was recorded abducting five children from a Tasmanian beach.

Human segments of SCP-5007 appear to remain independent of one another and their behaviour suggests a great deal of discomfort. Vocalizations are incoherent and rarely understandable, typically comprised of gasps, moans and whimpers, though entities have been reported to implore other individuals to approach them when encountered. Ineffectual attempts at self-harm or destruction of stomach organs have been reported as well.

Behaviour: SCP-5007 are known to abduct human beings.

Each recorded encounter has followed a similar pattern. Victims are almost universally alone or otherwise unsupervised; of note is that victims never require visual aids such as glasses. SCP-5007 may appear in any weather condition, time of day, or time of year. They appear able to navigate all weather with minimal difficulty, regardless of clear or hostile skies. All encounters have occurred within Bass Strait, with a major preference for smaller coastal towns or small boats.

SCP-5007 will move towards the shore, stalking the intended victim for a short time before lowering numerous tentacles and appendages to physically grab the individual. A single instance may abduct multiple people at once, with one instance successfully abducting eight men from the decks of a commercial fishing boat within 15 seconds of one another. Once the victims are securely captured, SCP-5007 instances will return to the open water at great speed, often in excess of 320kph.

Tracking instances of SCP-5007 has shown that they inhabit a remote reef within Bass Strait, resting and depositing abductees there.

Acquisition Log: Initial investigations that led to the discovery of SCP-5007 were disparate investigations into the region, and early theories did not connect so many unusual abductions across such a wide area and across such a wide time period. Theories included an anomalous group of persons, one or more hostile aerial entities inhabiting the stratosphere, phenomena associated with unidentified flying objects, subterranean anomalies, time quirks, and unusual weather patterns.

However, after the disappearance of an Agent Taberner's three young children1 and wife2 from a beach in broad daylight in 1980, further research into the region was prioritized. It was soon discovered that reports of UFOs and lights in the sky had coincided with many disappearances in the immediate region, and patterns emerged as this was kept at the forefront of further research.

The Foundation immediately began with a focus on simply locating the four lost Taberner family members; this search rapidly opened up into a large-scale investigation into unexplained disappearances following similar patterns along the Victorian coast and later the Tasmanian coast and local islands. Initial assumptions that they had been taken by a Group of Interest or an unknown, local terrestrial element were soon found to be incorrect. Within 3 weeks it was determined that these patterns were common across the entirety of the Bass Strait’s coastal regions.

Foundation teams successfully interviewed over 120 witnesses, next of kin, and police groups to establish patterns. They soon discovered that in a vast majority of cases there were no witnesses, the abductions were both preceded and followed by reports of lights in the sky and more concrete sightings of unidentified flying objects described as "looking like balloons."

On 23/5/1982, emergency services call centers received a large number of UFO sightings off the coast of Norman Bay, Victoria. Foundation plants within the call centers and emergency organizations alerted local Sites, and task force operatives were dispatched to investigate, upon arrival confirming the appearance and existence of what are now documented as SCP-5007.

After a brief evacuation and encounter with the entity, it was successfully captured and transported to Site-40 for containment. The discovery of SCP-5007-A prompted the subsequent construction of Site-40-R and designation of the entity as SCP-5007-S1.

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